With Google revealing its next-gen Android operating system - dubbed Android M - at its annual Google I/O conference, the excitement for the features that the new OS will bring is palpable.

One of the many exciting features that Google's Android M is set to bring is Do Not Disturb. In 2014, while revealing its Android Lollipop preview, Google had introduced the Do Not Disturb feature, which later became the Priority/None settings when the final build of the OS was released.

However, the developer preview for Android M brings back the undiluted DND function which is now simplified. Basically, the three interruption options in Android Lollipop have now been consolidated to DND. So now instead of having three options in the volume pop-up, users will be able to turn it off completely as the DND gets activated in the "alarms only" mode. This option seems better than the previous silent mode.

Users will also be able to activate DND via the device's quick settings menu. Tapping the icon will enable users to swap between the three modes: Priority Only, and Total Silence, Alarms Only.

So what are these modes?

The Priority Only mode for Android M's DND feature is akin to the priority mode for Android Lollipop and basically lets users block any disruptions from apps or people, barring those marked important by the user.

The Total Silence function, on the other hand, is similar to Android Lollipop's none settings and lets users block pretty much everything, which includes annoying alarms.

The Alarms Only functionality is new and lets users block pretty much everything barring alarms as the name suggests.

So how does one access these modes?

Users can access them via the Quick Settings but not the Settings app in this first developer preview. The Settings > Sound & Notification > Do Not Disturb menu is accessed only to set what a user will allow via the Priority Only mode to control DND.

Android M has also brought a new automatic rules mode which gives users the option of switching off and on the DND automatically. For example on weeknights, events and weekdays. To find this feature in the develop preview, navigate to the Settings > Sound & Notification > Do Not Disturb > Automatic Rules.

However, with Android M still under development, Google will likely bring forth several alterations and changes in other impending builds before it releases the final version later this year.

If Google retains the DND mode then Android users will welcome the feature, which could initially take time getting used to.

Photo: Rob Bulhman | Flickr

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