Slightly Mad Studios pushed out the patch 1.3 for Project Cars on the Xbox One, with the much-needed fix coming just three weeks after the launch of the racing simulation title.

While Project Cars has been receiving widespread praise for being a very realistic car racing game, the title has been plagued with several issues since its launch in early May.

Patch 1.3, according to Slightly Mad Studios, has fixed the problems in the title to improve the realistic racing that Project Cars looks to provide gamers with.

For the Xbox One gamepad controller, the patch adds rumbling when the gamer is losing traction while braking. The patch has also made improvements on the efficiency of the rumble effect of the control to increase the responsiveness of steering, along with reworking the range and axis dead zones of the analog sticks to improve steering. The patch also fixes an issue on steering being stuck when gamers move their sticks from one end to the other.

The patch also fixes the jolting problem being experienced by gamers using the Fanatec steering wheels while playing the title.

Occasional crashes on online mode have been fixed, specifically those experienced when moving from a Qualifying round to the Race round and when returning to Race Central from a race.

Time Trials have also been set to a uniform starting time of 11 a.m. to coincide with the PC version of the title. The change ensures consistency in the track temperatures across the different platforms, as that is a factor which affects lap times.

The patch also fixed certain issues in several tracks in the game, including weird lights and color problems in the Oschersleben tracks and a bug in the Zolder track where the player will start the race inside a closed garage.

The patch also fixes an issue wherein computer-controlled, low-fuel vehicles are entering the pit lane in races where refueling should not be allowed.

There have also been improvements in the pitstops of the game, with the pitstop strategy now using the real bar value of the pressures of tires and bugs in how the pit engineer interacts with the gamer.

Replays have also been improved in terms of the smoothness of the sun, stars, moon and shadows when users rewind the replays of races that have high time acceleration.

Lastly, the patch also fixes a problem wherein the miles driven by a player on a track or with a car or inaccurately logged. The fix will improve the accuracy of the user's ratings for affinity.

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