Home is where the heart is, and in 2015, it's also where the smart is. The future is a lot closer nowadays with Nest breaking through as a top smart thermostat choice, so much so that they were bought by - who else? - Google.

Only a year ago, Apple announced their own homekit, which just saw devices released that are compatible with it this month. Almost every single company that operates in the home space has a product in the works or is at least thinking about how to enhance and improve your own daily experiences.

Control4, a smart home automation company founded back in 2003, has a straightforward mission statement which is to deliver an elegant and more affordable way to control and automate lighting, music, video, security and energy in a single room or throughout the entire home.

They've been helping homeowners and businesses quickly improve moments for over a decade right from a tap on their iPhone, Android, iPad, or other tablet.

I spoke to CEO Martin Plaehn about what his company offers, what makes it unique, how it all works and a little bit more about what's coming in the IoT space in the future.

Martin told me that he might've shut the lights off in the kitchen on his wife in their Salt Lake City home during the demo. He also showed me live camera views within the Control4 app of nearby ski resorts in Utah that he likes to monitor, being a big ski buff himself. It's amazing how much technology keeps us connected no matter what the physical distance is between us. Here's our full video interview complete with a mini demo from our NYC offices.  


"I think it's very clear that everything with power whether it's a battery or a power cord, is going to be on a network. Many of those products will end up in the home and people will want them all to work together. Control4 is the company to make sure that they work together to meet consumers' needs," Control4 Chairman and CEO Martin Plaehn told Tech Times.

We definitely agree with that statement and are looking forward to being able to do more amazing, highly useful actions, such as ordering food - like pizza in advance. We'd also love to use the smart home to allow the deliveryman to leave the pie at our house and for it to remain hot without anyone being home! That would definitely help deliver on the dreams of tomorrow..today.

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