Apple was widely expected to introduce a new Apple TV at its WWDC conference with a touchscreen remote and App Store. A new report from The New York Times claims Apple has decided to scrap its unveiling at the event.

With Apple's WWDC 2015 only a few days away, we're starting to hear what we can expect Apple to announce and also what not to expect. We reported back in early March that Apple was reportedly planning on launching an updated Apple TV set-top box that would feature a redesigned UI, OS and include an App Store that would be dedicated to Apple TV.

More recently, rumors have suggested that Apple would indeed launch a new Apple TV at WWDC 2015 and that the device would also debut with a new touchscreen remote control, Siri support, speedy A8 processor and increased internal storage.

A new report from The New York Times claims that Apple has delayed the introduction of the new Apple TV from its WWDC event, which begins on June 8.

"Yet one much ballyhooed device will be absent from the conference: a new Apple TV, Apple's set-top box for televisions. The company planned as recently as mid-May to use the event to spotlight new Apple TV hardware, along with an improved remote control and a tool kit for developers to make apps for the entertainment device. But those plans were postponed partly because the product was not ready for prime time, according to two people briefed on the product," reports the Times.

If this report is true, Apple fans still have some highly anticipated announcements to take their minds off an Apple TV delay. Apple will unveil iOS 9, a new version of Mac OS X, an updated Apple Watch SDK that will allow native third-party apps to run on the smartwatch and a streaming service that will take advantage of its Beats acquisition.

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