New Apple Watch owners have taken to online forums to report many issues and problems with the wearable. Some are complaining of skin irritation, band discoloration and scratches on the stainless steel models.

Apple's launch of its new smartwatch, the Apple Watch, hasn't been a smooth ride. When the company opened up preorders for the wearable on April 10, most customers were greeted with severely constrained supplies and ship dates that went well past its official April 24 release. Supplies of the watch are so constrained that Apple still only offers the wearable via its online store, and most models currently have an estimated ship date of July. It's a very different experience from previous iPhone and iPad launches, which were available for purchase online and in the company's retail stores.

Also, unlike previous Apple device launches, the company still hasn't officially announced how many Apple Watch models it has sold. During the company's most recent earnings call, CEO Tim Cook reiterated that demand for Apple Watch is much greater than supply and that the company is working hard to remedy the issue. Some customers who have received their Apple Watch have begun taking to online forums and social media to voice concern over issues like skin irritation, watch band discoloration and scratches on the stainless steel models.

Images of Apple Watch customers with rashes on their wrists first appeared on iSpazio and Reddit, causing Apple to put up a support page to address the issue and give instructions about how to wear, clean and care for Apple Watch to avoid any irritation.

Owners of what appears to be the most in demand Apple Watch, the Space Gray Apple Watch Sport have experienced band discoloration and wear in the first few days of wearing it.

"Apple was very cool about the band issue and is sending out a new one. They also told me to keep my damaged band for me to continue use if I wish ... I will probably just use the bad band for work and then switch when not."

"The fact that they don't want the original back makes me think that they've been getting enough of these calls now," the user continued.

Whatever though, I'm still happy with my watch," wrote one forum member.

The mid-tier stainless Apple Watch, which starts at $549, is developing scratches and scuffs. As you can see from the above image, the scratched case of the stainless steel Apple Watch resembles Apple's iPods, which used the same material on its rear case and were notorious for scratching very easily. 9to5Mac posted the video below confirming the issue and explains how to easily remove the scratches from the wearable.

Have you received your Apple Watch, and are you experiencing any problems with the device? Let us know in the comments below.

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