In Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #37, Wonder Woman finds herself teaming up with Batgirl in Gotham while the two search for the mystery behind the city's missing children, including the children of Echidna, the mother of all monsters.

In the latest issue of this title, the story picks up where #36 left off: Wonder Woman agrees to help Echidna find her children as Batgirl shows up and asks for Wonder Woman's help with another case of missing kids. Of course, Wonder Woman and Batgirl's missions end up connected, but can they save the children before something awful happens?

This is a darker version of Wonder Woman, designed to work well within the setting of Gotham. Not only do we see Gotham's dark underbelly, but there's also an appearance in #37 of one of Gotham's craziest villains, Harley Quinn. It seems Harley has kidnapped a child on her own, but is she the person behind the kidnapping of all the children gone missing from Gotham lately?

Of course, telling you the answer to that would be spoilers, but let's just say that Harley's appearance here works well, not just for her character, but also for Wonder Woman.

Let's start with the writing of this issue by Caitlin Kittridge (who also wrote the excellent Black London novel series.) The second installment of this story is actually better than the first, with Wonder Woman dropping the complaining and taking action, as we expect her to do. We watch her indulge in some very Batman-like activities during her time in Gotham, but she never loses sense of who she is.

That also means that we see her getting to kick some butt and taking some names, along with stringing folks up to get the information she wants.

Especially gratifying is Wonder Woman meeting Harley for the first time. Harley finds the Amazonian princess admirable, even though the two find themselves pitted against each other, at least at first.

The art here is a tad better, too, than in the previous issue, and fits the darker storyline. Perhaps the first issue was all about taking the story down the Gotham rabbit hole, but now that it's there, the grittier graphics by Scott Hampton work beautifully in depicting Diana in Gotham. The before-mentioned scene with Harley and Wonder Woman fighting each other is especially gratifying.

This issue winds up the final part of the "Echidna" story, and like any good story, left us wanting more, particularly with Gotham's own Batman showing up towards the end.

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #37 is available now on ComiXology.




★★★★ ☆ 



Photo Credit: DC Comics

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