One of the most glaring weaknesses of the Apple Watch is its battery life, with users clamoring for improvements to the device ever since it was revealed that it would only expectedly last for about 18 hours on a single charge.

Along with other common issues of the smartwatch, TechTimes previously reported that to get more out of the Apple Watch's battery life, users should deactivate unused features and uninstall unused apps, along with reduce the brightness of the wearable device's screen.

In addition to these general tips, there are many other different things that users can do to get the batteries of their Apple Watches to last longer.

Reduce Brightness

As mentioned, the brightness of the screen of the Apple Watch is the first thing that can be adjusted to improve its battery life. There are three brightness settings on the device, with the lowest setting making it difficult to see the screen when outside but still usable while indoors.

Cut Back on Glances and Notifications

Glances are the small snippets of information that users see when they swipe on their Apple Watch, and notifications provide users with updates. Both can be adjusted on the Apple Watch's settings to display only those that are most important to the user.

Decrease Volume and Haptic Feedback

In the Sounds and Haptic settings, users can decrease or turn off the volume for sound alerts and adjust the strength of haptic feedback, both of which will prevent the Apple Watch from expending energy for these functions.

Disable Workout

The Workout app is more battery-intensive than the Activity app, as while the Activity app only tracks basic information, the Workout app uses more of the Apple Watch's many built-in sensors. The Show Goal Matrix of the app can be turned off, and its Power Saving mode can be activated.

Turn off Wrist Detection

The Wrist Detection feature automatically turns on the screen as the accelerometer detects that the device comes to a sudden stop, signifying that the user flicked his wrist to look at the Apple Watch. However, wrist movement is not always only to look at the device, so turning off the feature will prevent the Apple Watch's screen from turning on when not needed.

Activate Airplane Mode

Activating Airplane Mode for the Apple Watch can improve battery life by disabling communications and certain apps, not just for the device but also for the paired iPhone.

Enable Power Reserve

The Power Reserve function is activated by pressing on the side button of the Apple Watch until the option appears, in addition to the Power Off option. While in Power Reserve, the Apple Watch is reduced to a timekeeping device, with the time told by tapping on its screen. This is particularly helpful to conserve battery in places and instances when the user knows that he will not be using the Apple Watch.

With these tips, hopefully Apple Watch users can break the 18-hour battery life that is limiting the device's potential and functionality.

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