The next-generation iPhone - dubbed the iPhone 6s - is expected to launch in September this year and several rumors pertaining to the handset have already surfaced in the smartphone industry. The iPhone 6 packs in top-end features that have attracted many iDevice lovers.

The next-generation iPhone 6s is estimated to pack better features than its predecessor. Here are some of the expected features of the iPhone 6s and why iDevice fans should wait for the handset.


The iPhone 6 that was launched in September 2014 along with the iPhone 6 Plus sports an 8MP camera. Apple has not changed the camera sensor on its iPhones since the iPhone 4s was launched in 2011. A recent report suggests that the upcoming iPhone 6s may be equipped with a 12MP rear-facing camera.

Both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus are equipped with the 8MP camera sensor; however, the camera of iPhone 6 Plus was the only handset that includes optical image stabilization (OIS), which improves image quality by reducing shakes and vibration. The iPhone 6s may get OIS, which will result in better quality images.

Customers looking for a better camera in their iPhone may wait for the iPhone 6s.

Processor and RAM

The iPhone 6 is powered by Apple's own A8 processor. Rumors indicate that the iPhone 6s may house the A9 processor. The iPhone 6 includes a 1GB RAM but the iPhone 6s may get 1.5GB or 2GB RAM. A faster processor and higher RAM will boost the overall performance of the iPhone 6s, which may attract more buyers.

The overall performance of the iPhone 6 is good. However, people who believe that the iPhone 6 should be faster may wait for the iPhone 6s.

A new touch display

Speculations suggest that the iPhone 6s will have Force Touch display technology that will improve user experience. The technology is currently being used in the Apple Watch to allow new gestures while incorporating pressure sensitivity. With Force Touch display technology, the handset will allow for faster fingerprint recognition.

Voice quality

The iPhone 6s may include an additional microphone that will enhance voice quality of the device.

A new color option

The existing iPhone 6 is available in three color options. Rumors suggest that Apple will add a rose gold option to the next-generation iPhone 6s. Many people want to add color to their smartphones and a rose gold casing may attract many customers. iDevice lovers looking for a new color option for their iPhone may think that the iPhone 6s is worth the wait.  

Many smartphone enthusiasts believe that with new features expected, the iPhone 6s is worth the wait.

"Never buy an iPhone after March. At that point you've already waited the 6 months to mid-point of the cycle," commented a user on Quora.

However, some iDevice fans believe that the improvements made to the iPhone 6s are very minor and customers should not wait for the next-gen handset and buy the existing model.

"The 'S' version would normally have a small set of improvement to the whole number version.  So far I have been upgrading my iPhone only when Apple release the whole number, e.g. from 4 to 5 to 6.  IMHO don't wait, just get it now," comments another user on Quora.

The design of the iPhone 6 was completely different than the previous iPhones. The external design of the iPhone 6s is expected to remain the same; however, the handset may still include new or improved features in comparison to the iPhone 6.

It remains a debatable question if to buy the iPhone 6 or wait for the next-generation iPhone 6s.

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