Apple is set to host its Worldwide Developers Conference starting Monday, June 8. The WWDC will set the stage for number of announcements.

While it won't be introducing a new iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, the company does have a few exciting offers to present, including a new iOS and OS X — and even a new music streaming service.

OS X 10.11

Apple's desktop operating system will get an update at WWDC, but most are expecting it to be an incremental update, considering the large changes that were implemented in OS X 10.10.

The anticipated updates for the operating system include a focus on security as well as changes to make the operating system a little lighter and swifter. The OS X 10.10 will probably feature a Control Center much like that found in iOS.

iOS 9

While iOS 9 won't actually be launched until later this year, we will get a preview for the mobile operating system at WWDC. Changes similar to those found in OS X 10.10 are expected — refining the performance of the operating system, with changes that will help Apple devices work better together.

The update will also include changes to the Music app that will allow users to take advantage of Apple's new music streaming service.

Apple Music

Apple's entrance into music streaming has been long awaited and highly anticipated. The company is set to finally make an announcement this year.

The new service is expected to compete with the likes of Spotify, and will cost the industry standard of $9.99 per month. It will also feature celebrity DJs, who will curate playlists for the service. Further details are still a little hazy. The fact is that Apple is late to the streaming game and will have to offer something really special in order to compete. Or, of course, it could just leverage the millions of Apple device users it already has...

Apple Pay and HomeKit

Apple's mobile payment system is likely to get a small update, to be detailed at WWDC and implemented in iOS 9. This update will help to push the service ahead of new challenges from Google with Android Pay and Samsung's fresh payment service, called Samsung Pay.

The company is also expected to offer an update related to HomeKit, and will likely give details about the development of the system at WWDC. Apple will probably discuss some of the partners it's working with for HomeKit.

Apple TV?

Originally, it was thought that Apple would unveil a new Apple TV set top box — but it seems the company has since abandoned these plans. The new Apple TV will likely make an appearance later this year, along with an SDK that will help developers create apps for the platform.

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