Verizon only released the highly-anticipated G4 smartphone on June 4, but there are already issues being reported to the new flagship device of LG. Specifically, the Android 5.1 Lollipop-powered G4 released by the carrier is missing certain features.

All of the issues with the Verizon G4 are only related to the software of the smartphone and to the device's hardware. However, they are significant enough to warrant complaints from users, especially as the missing features can all be found in the G4 units purchased from other carriers.

The first missing feature on the Verizon G4 is the multi-user accounts feature, which was introduced by Google back in Android 4.4 KitKat. The feature will allow more than one user to share a smartphone with certain settings customized for each user, or for one user to have multiple settings on the G4 for different situations.

The second missing feature is the device's smart settings, which allows users to automate and switch off and on services such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and location depending on certain situations.

The LG Smartworld service provides users with recommendations on apps that can be installed on the G4, and that is missing from the Verizon G4 as well. However, users have a workaround for this missing feature of installing the app, but it will require users to download and sideload an APK which could potentially damage the smartphone.

The FM radio feature of the Verizon G4 is missing as well, as Verizon wants users to use the music services that it offers as opposed to the FM radio of the smartphone.

The Verizon G4 also lacks the customizable lockscreen option and is not allowed to change themes, cutting off customization options from users.

The reports come after it was lately revealed that certain G4 owners under both Verizon and T-Mobile are having issues with the touchscreen of the smartphone. The taps on the smartphone's touchscreen does not register all the time, with only 60 percent of taps being recognized by the device.

Potential customers should be fully aware of these issues on the G4 smartphone cropping up under Verizon before they decide to purchase one and lock themselves into a two-year contract with the carrier. While the missing features in the Verizon G4 can still be brought back by a software update, it would be best for users to wait for certain issues to be fixed before committing to the device in a contract.

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