Apple's latest iOS 9 has a neat new feature, as a hidden app now allows users to manage their entire iCloud Drive file library.

The company kicked off its WWDC 2015 developer conference and offered a glimpse into the new iOS 9 and its awesome features, and one of them deserves some special attention: a standalone iCloud Drive.

So far, Apple has always required minimum input from iOS users, as the company handled everything behind the scenes. While some iOS users like this approach because they don't have to do much, others prefer to manage their files and folders themselves, having greater control over their library.

With the new iOS 9, Apple is now taking a slightly different approach that finally puts more control in users' hands.

As MacRumors and 9to5Mac report, Apple's newly unveiled iOS 9 comes with an optional iCloud Drive app that's hidden by default. Activating the app allows users to manage their own iCloud files in a similar manner to how they handle files with the Finder tool on Mac computers.

A new setting in iCloud Drive allows iOS 9 users to enable the aforementioned hidden app that lets them manage their file library. To enable this functionality, head over to Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive > Show on Home Screen.

Although the app is hidden by default, selecting "Show on Home Screen" will then display the iCloud Drive alongside all of the other applications on your home screen, allowing for easy access.

Considering that this feature is optional and the app is hidden by default, Apple may not plan to make it an essential part of the whole iOS experience. It's an important step forward nonetheless, and it could boost the popularity of iCloud Drive against rival cloud services. Having a dedicated iCloud Drive app experience may not be a core part of iOS 9, but it has already stirred tremendous interest and will likely convince more users to rely on the app.

Those who enable iCloud Drive, but want to disable it at some point, can easily do so by toggling the "Show on Home Screen" option again.

For now, the iCloud Drive app doesn't offer much functionality, as it only allows users to view, share, or delete their stored files, but Apple could add more in the future. In the meantime, you can learn more about the new iOS 9 features from Apple's website.

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