Epic Games has announced a closed beta version of its free-to-play online shooter Fortnite for Windows PC and Mac desktop computers would be coming this fall during Apple's recent Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) keynote in San Francisco.

Lead gameplay programmer Bill Bramer of Fortnite and Josh Adams of Epic Games demonstrated on stage the Fortnite game running on Mac OS X, utilizing Apple's latest Metal technology for game development. First, Bramer presented the heavy graphics of the Fortnite environment and noted that the Metal technology has made it easier for game developers like Epic Games.

Next, a Fortnite character was shown exploring the city and collecting resources by destroying cars and trees as a huge purple storm summoned a wave of monsters. The weather effects, lighting and destruction features were simultaneously displayed changing in real-time, and the event's audience applauded. This technology was initially introduced for iOS 8, but Apple made an announcement that these graphical efficiencies would be offered in the next OS X version for Mac, El Capitan.

Epic Games has been continuously developing its first Unreal Engine 4 game Fortnite, introduced way back in July 2012, and has also created multiple beta versions on Windows PC. The game has been shaping up nicely, creating an interesting mix of Team Fortress 2, State of Decay and Minecraft as it combines free-to-play shooting with zombie survival and sandbox elements.

Some of the folks in gaming media were given a chance to play and review the latest version of Fortnite. The actual gameplay focuses on protecting an atlas device by weapon-crafting and building a fort of defenses against hordes of zombies and monsters. Different weapons are available, such as a pickaxe for faster gathering of resources and swords for defense as well as a variety of platforms, and traps, stairs and walls could be chosen for defense fortification. The gameplay against the zombies was never easy as Epic Games developed a formidable AI that would search a weak spot to be exploited on the players' created defenses.

Three different playable classes were initially identified, including the Constructor, the Commando and the Ninja. The Commando specializes in long-range fighting, and the Ninja character is a great option for classic and effective melee fighters. Meanwhile, the Constructor has the ability to build and repair defenses faster and is generally cheaper than any other class.

Fortnite is still in the making, but the Epic Games team has managed to create a video about their latest build. Check it out in the video below.

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