The highly anticipated Dark Souls 3 might make its debut at E3 2015 and launch in early 2016, as newly leaked artwork reveals.

The Dark Souls franchise has seen tremendous success so far, getting countless gamers addicted to the complex experience. Expectations are high for the next installment in the franchise and the rumor mill is busy churning in anticipation of Dark Souls 3.

Just last week, a leak suggested [video] that Dark Souls 3 would hit the PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One consoles sometime in 2016, while negotiations for a PC version were in progress. That leak also claimed that the next Dark Souls installment would support up to four players, 10 character classes, 15 new bosses, 45 new enemies, 40 new armor sets, 100 new weapons, and one hour of cut scenes (most of which will be rendered in the game's engine). None of these details are confirmed or official at this point.

In a separate report, VG24/7 also revealed last week that Dark Souls 3 would debut at the E3 2015 conference, which kicks off in a few days. The publication said it received this information from "a source familiar with the matter." The source offered no additional information and no details regarding the game itself.

Adding fuel to the fire, a new leak from IGN now claims to show a promotional image for the upcoming Dark Souls 3. The promotional material teases the release for early 2016. IGN claims that this image is unreleased, but official artwork for Dark Souls 3.

If this promotional image turns out to be the real deal and the next Dark Souls installment is indeed set to launch in early 2016, claims of an E3 official unveiling for Dark Souls 3 could prove to be accurate as well. The game could make its formal debut at the upcoming conference and hit commercial availability next year.

It's all in the rumor state for now, as no official information has come to light just yet. E3 2015 is just around the corner, however, and if Dark Souls 3 is indeed set to debut at the conference, it will all become clearer soon enough.

Take all leaks with a grain of salt in the meantime, including this allegedly original Dark Souls 3 artwork.

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