One could liken the competition in social media network to that of Apple and Samsung rivalry in the mobile industry. In social media, there's Facebook and Twitter, and possibly to heat up the competition of these two is the new Web profile design of Twitter that looks so much like Facebook.

Twitter initially introduced its redesigned page earlier this month with a design that reminds us of a combination of Facebook and Google+. It then rolled the new page out to popular users of the platform on April 8. Now, it started rolling out to all users around the globe. 

"Today, the new web profile experience is rolling out to all users around the world," says Twitter designer David Bellona in a blog post on April 22.

Based on research, we were able to gather some good words about the redesigned page. One review finds the new look sexy; another says it's mostly on the aesthetic side.

In a three-column layout, the new look basically shows tallies of past activities, spread right in front of the user: tweets, photos/videos, followers, following and favorites. The profile details and the year you joined Twitter are found on the left side of the page, while the right side contains the trending topics and suggestions who to follow. The new layout has sections such as "best tweets" for highlighting popular tweets, "filtered tweets" for users to choose how they would like to view other profiles and "pinned tweets" to show what the user is all about. In short, imagine uploading a Twitter account in the Facebook platform. That's it. Except for a few new features that stand out and a more compressed look..

Research says that Twitter is starting to become among the best vehicles to getting that dream job, thanks to its wide professional audience. Over 75 percent of companies take to social networking sites their hunt and recruitment for job candidates, going beyond professionally or career-oriented platforms such as LinkedIn, the Society for Human Resource Management said. To discover new talents or select candidates, 66 percent of the recruiters turn to Facebook while 54 of recruiters use Twitter. Analysts say that with the redesigned page, Twitter may get more of its percentage share.

Old Twitter users can get the new profile, while new users should go check it out and see for themselves as well if the redesign really looks a lot like Facebook. 

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