Five characters from the original Star Wars trilogy are playable in Disney Infinity 3.0. Five characters from the Clone Wars era are also playable in the game.

Today, Disney Interactive has announced that four more sci-fi heroes have been added to the mix. Kanan Jarrus, Ezra Bridger, Sabine Wren and Zeb Orrelios from Star Wars Rebels are coming to Disney Infinity 3.0.

Unlike the other Star Wars characters in the game, these four don't come with a proprietary play set. They're merely extra figures you can play as, but you can unlock each one to play as them in both Rise Against the Empire and Twilight of the Republic, the two play sets announced so far that are themed around Star Wars. And of course they're playable in the 3.0 Toy Box, too.

Take a look at how they appear in the game.

The toy figurines look very high-quality, and you can tell that the designers had fun creating them. Note how Sabine is perched atop a Stormtrooper helmet she's painted, or how Zeb is borrowing a page from Wolverine's signature pose — a wicked grin and a finger gesture that says, Come at me, bro.

These are some great-looking characters. Here's a quick rundown of who they are and the roles they perform on Disney XD's Star Wars Rebels series.

Kanan Jarrus was "the last Padawan" to survive Order 66. He went underground, changed his identity, and put away his lightsaber, picking up a blaster instead. He leads the crew of the Ghost in secret operations that help in the fight against the Empire. It's only when he meets a certain hot-headed youngster (see below) that he picks up his lightsaber and returns to the ways of the Jedi once more.

Ezra Bridger serves as the audience's entry-point character in Star Wars Rebels, essentially the same role Ahsoka Tano performed on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Ezra is a street-smart kid who grew up on his own on the outer rim world Lothal. It's there that he meets Kanan and learns that he has Force abilities, joins the Rebels crew, and begins learning the ways of the Jedi.

Sabine Wren, a fan-favorite, is an explosives expert with a passion for art. She likes to sneak in, "tag" Stormtroopers and enemy installations with her spray paint gun, and then blow them sky high. She's smart, funny, and highly capable.

Zeb Orrelios is the crew's muscle. He carries a hardcore grudge against the Empire and relishes any opportunity to tussle with Stormtroopers or Imperial officers. He uses a "bo-rifle" weapon that's kind of like a two-ended lightsaber without the lasers.

Disney Interactive has not yet revealed its target release date for Disney Infinity 3.0, but it's expected sometime this fall. Star Wars Rebels kicks off its highly anticipated second season on Saturday, June 20, at 9 p.m. Eastern/Pacific on Disney XD.

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