The Internet has been abuzz with speculation over which characters would be added to Super Smash Bros. as DLC since Nintendo started taking suggestions. Ryu from Street Fighter and Roy from the Fire Emblem series have been rumored to be coming to the game since April. Now it looks like this is one rumor that will turn out to be true.

Footage showing these two as playable characters in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS was leaked Saturday, according to Nintendo Everything. The footage, which has since been pulled by Nintendo, gave a quick preview of what players can expect from Ryu and Roy in the Wii U version of the game. 

The leak was the result of an early patch that had already gone live in Japan, Nintendo Everything reports, and it seems to reveal quite a bit of Super Smash Bros. DLC. The leak not only showed us Ryu and Roy in Super Smash Bros. but also the characters' alternative costumes, Ryu's stage inspired by Street Fighter II and the characters' various trophies.

In addition to all of the Ryu and Roy content, the leak also revealed Super Smash Bros. DLC from other games, such as a Splatoon trophy, a new DreamLand 64 stage and costumes from Mega Man, Animal Crossing and Tekken

Nintendo will most likely be officially confirming this Super Smash Bros. DLC when series creator Masahiro Sakurai appears in a special video presentation as part of E3 on Sunday. New Super Smash Bros. DLC featuring the character Lucas from Mother 3 and Splatoon Mii fighter costumes are scheduled to go live Sunday.

Head over to Nintendo Everything to see the complete list of everything in the leak.


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