Nintendo Renames 'Mario Maker' To 'Super Mario Maker'


Nintendo has renamed its impending game for Wii U Mario Maker to Super Mario Maker.

The Japanese company announced the game's new name on Sunday, June 14, at the Nintendo World Championships. The company has been referring to the game as Super Mario Maker even on Twitter.

At the Nintendo World Championships 2015, Super Mario Maker was the final challenge for the players. Fans got a glimpse of the 2D game, which enables gamers to make their own levels via the Wii U GamePad. Players can drag and drop pipes, blocks, as well as different kinds of enemies from the screen's top to the level.

The only limitation, Nintendo says, is the player's own imagination.

"On Mario Maker on Wii U, you can use the Wii U GamePad to create your own 2D Mario levels. A simple button press changes between classic NES-style graphics and those from New Super Mario Bros. U on Wii U," noted Nintendo.

During the competition, the company's team devised a few difficult levels. One could be challenged by enemies hiding in the blocks, Boo, or flaming difficulties that are sequenced.

While some levels were sampled at the event, Nintendo did not divulge any new information pertaining to the game. However, the gameplay gave the following insights:

–Enemies can be spawned from power-up blocks.

–Mario is able to use a plethora of transportation items.

–One can place enemies in the water even if they are not native to the environment, such as Bowser and Goombas.

–Super Mario Maker has a Baby Bowser.

–Super Mario Maker also has Magi Koopa.

–Enemies can pop up from pipes despite not being native to the spot, such as Koopas or fish.

–There is new power-up.

Super Mario Maker is up for pre-order at Best Buy and Amazon for $59.99 but is still called Mario Maker. The game releases for Wii U in September and is playable at participating Best Buy Stores on June 17 and June 20.

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