Caity Lotz, otherwise known as Arrow's first Black Canary, and now White Canary on upcoming series Legends of Tomorrow, and Candice Patton, The Flash's Iris West, recently visited Metropolis, Ill., to attend the Superman Celebration, where they met with fans, posed for a lot of photos and attended a Q&A panel where they fielded questions from fans.

There, the two actresses spoke about their television series, as well as offered a few teases as to what's in store for the first season of Legends of Tomorrow and the second season of The Flash.

The two spoke about villains and what they hope becomes of their characters in future episodes of their respective TV series.

On The Flash, Iris just recently lost her boyfriend, Eddie. As we all know that Iris eventually ends up with Barry (thanks to a peek into the future), will Iris and Barry finally become a couple in season two?

Patton: Things didn't end well for Eddie. So that's going to be a major thing that Iris is dealing with going into season two. I would imagine that she's not going to be interested in any kind of relationship any time soon. As much as she has these subconscious harbored feelings for Barry, she really did love Eddie. And she saw that through until the very end. It's important for the fans to really like Iris, and in order to do that, I think she has to grieve over the end of her relationship with Eddie. I'm assuming I can say this because there was a press release about it: they're looking for a character to come on next season, I believe, to be Barry's new potential love interest.

In the Flash comics, Iris has a sister, who is the mother of Wally West. Will either of those characters play into The Flash in future episodes somehow?

Patton: I don't know that Iris will ever have a sister. But that would not prevent Wally West from eventually showing up on our show.

Was it sad filming The Flash season finale scene with Eddie (actor Rick Cosnett)?

Patton: Was I sad? Terribly sad. Rick Cosnett has become one of my dearest, dearest friends. We shoot in Canada and it's difficult for me to be away from friends and family for nine months out of the year. And so you make friends with the people you work with. You have to. So Rick really became a person that I saw every day. And I just remember shooting that scene where he shoots himself and I couldn't get through the take. I just couldn't take it, because it was just the ugly cry and they were like 'We can't use that, the ugly cry.' It was very, very, hard, that day of shooting.

Will we see more of Gorilla Grodd on The Flash?

Patton: I hope so! Grodd is one of my favorite things about The Flash. When I was reading the first script where it hinted at Grodd, I texted Geoff Johns [DC's chief creative officer] and I was like 'We are not doing this in season one. We can't do that!' That's something you save for season three. And I think that's the great thing about The Flash and our producers. They'll always think of a great idea and use it now. They think 'Let's use Grodd in season one, this episode. We'll come up with a better idea in season two.' So we always use our best ideas the moment we get them. But yeah, I think Grodd will continue to make an appearance on The Flash.

Sara as Black Canary died on Arrow, but how will she return as White Canary on Legends of Tomorrow and how will she feel about her sister now being Black Canary?

Lotz: Well, there's this thing called called the Lazarus Pit. And it comes with some interesting side effects. You'll see how Sara's going to change - you've seen what happens with Thea - so she's definitely going to have a little bit harder time remembering things. She's already an angry person so I think that might make her more angry.

I'm really interested to see how Sara feels about her sister becoming the Black Canary. Because that's dangerous. I don't think she'd be so happy about it.

What villains can we expect on Legends of Tomorrow and is it possible that Arrow's Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett) will appear on the show?

Lotz: Our big bad villain in season one is Vandal Savage. He's been around for like thousands of years, or something like that. So yeah, he's got a lot of life experience.

Slade Wilson was a great bad guy. I really enjoyed working with him. There's something about him, he's just so unpredictable. Will he come back? I don't know. I know Manu Bennett just finished filming an MTV show, so he's crossed over to that TV world. I don't know if he'll come back or not. But you know what? He's still alive. So there's always that potential. That would be fun. I think Sara would pee her pants if she saw Slade Wilson back in town.

Will Legends of Tomorrow be a full or limited series?

Lotz: From my understanding, we are doing 15 episodes for this first season. And the reason they are doing a smaller amount is because they want to take the same amount of money that they would for 23 episodes and put it into 15 so that they can really make it big. The new show is going to have a lot of special effects, kind of like those on The Flash, and also a lot of the fighting and stunt stuff that you see on Arrow. So I think it's really going to be an interesting combination. Who knows what's going to happen for season two.

Photo: Robin Burks

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