These Airport Pods Simulate The Weather At Your Destination


If you're heading off on a vacation, packing for a different climate can be difficult. Just imagine picking things out for a tropical getaway while it's freezing cold in your hometown.

But while packing two suitcases of clothes may be an option for some travelers, those who typically fly business may not be so lucky.

Now, travelers who are flying out of the Arlanda Airport in Stockholm, Sweden, will get the chance to feel out where they're going before they get there. The airport features three climate-controlled rooms that simulate the weather at your destination.

"To show how we make the world a smaller place, we built the Climate Portal, an experience for all your senses, which replicates the weather live from all over the planet — a direct link to the whole world," said Stockhom Arlanda Airport's communication manager Yvonne Boe.

The pods of the Climate Portal are hooked up to several online weather services, allowing the airport to translate the weather from any destination into the rooms.

The airport pods use heaters, air conditioners, fans, mist and audio-visual aids to give you a sense of what the temperature will be like once you land, while also providing a first look at your destination.

That means you get to experience the temperature before your flight, so you can pick up an extra layer or a pair of sunglasses at the airport gift shop, if necessary.

Of course, you could always lie and tell the pod you're going somewhere tropical to get a taste of vacation life right before jetting off to your next big business meeting.

"We wanted to explore the possibilities of not just moving you to a destination, but our destinations to you," Boe added.

The Climate Portal will be open at the Arlanda Airport until the end of August.

Photo: Swedavia - Swedish Airports | YouTube

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