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Climate Change And Mental Health: Rising Temperatures Increase Suicide Rates

Hotter temperature is correlated to increased incidents of suicide in the United States and Mexico. Researchers also found that hot weather is linked to increased use of depressive language on social media.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 24, 2018

Parked Cars Can Hit Deadly Temperatures In Just 1 Hour: How To Prevent Hot Car Deaths

The heat inside a parked car could be deadly for kids in just one hour. Here are tips on how to prevent hot car injuries and death.

Feature | Health May 26, 2018

Climate May Affect Pregnancy: Gestational Diabetes Linked To Outdoor Temperature

Pregnant women exposed to hot average temperature have higher risk for gestational diabetes than soon-to-be mothers who are exposed to colder temperatures. Here's how a warmer climate affects health during pregnancy.

Public Health May 15, 2017

Balmy Days: Antarctica Hits Record-High Temperature

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has announced record-high heat in Antarctica at 63.5 degrees Fahrenheit, recorded last March 24, 2015. Here are other record highs and lows in temperature amid climate change.

Earth/Environment March 2, 2017

Bumblebees May Be Endangered But It’s Nothing To ‘Bee’ Worried About, Says Entomologist

Despite bumblebees being placed in the U.S. endangered list, entomologist Jeff Whitworth at Kansas State University said there is no reason to worry about the insects going extinct. He also suggested steps that will improve the bumble bees’ population.

Animals February 1, 2017

Coldest Object On Record: Squeezed Light Makes Miscroscopic Drum 10,000 Times Colder Than Vacuum Of Space

Physicists have managed to cool down a microscopic drum using a technique that involves using squeezed light. How did the technique cool down the object to a temperature 10,000 times colder than the vacuum of space?

Material Science January 12, 2017

What Drives Biodiversity? It’s Temperature, According To Researchers

The uneven distribution of animals on the planet has more to do with temperature differences as evidenced by skewed diversity in arctic regions when compared to the tropical regions’ abundance, says a new study.

Earth/Environment December 26, 2016

Scientists Reveal Why Great Molasses Flood Of 1919 Was So Deadly

Nearly 100 years after the Great Molasses Flood of 1919 in Boston, scientists revealed why the sticky flood was deadly. How did the cold temperature influence the fatality of the flood?

Feature | Science November 30, 2016

Australia's Hottest Year On Record Might Become New Normal By 2035

Australian scientists have found that record-breaking temperatures in 2015 might become the new normal by 2025 if carbon emission levels continue to rise. What's more, Australia's hottest summer on record might become average by 2035.

Earth/Environment November 7, 2016

How Warmer Body Temperatures Prevent The Spread Of Common Cold

Did you catch a cold? You may want to stay warm and bundle up. A new study suggests that warmer body temperatures prevent the spread of this pesky illness.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 12, 2016

Hot Climate Lead To Less Self-Control, More Violence: Study

The combination of a hot climate and less variation in temperatures result in faster life strategy and less focus. This contributes to increased aggression and violence, researchers revealed.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 27, 2016

Tiny DNA Thermometer Is 20,000 Times Smaller Than Human Hair

Scientists in Canada successfully created a DNA thermometer, the world's smallest at 20,000 times tinier than the human hair. The simple and programmable nature of DNA led them to emulate nanothermometers occurring in nature.

Material Science April 29, 2016

Labs May Be Too Cool For Mice And This May Mess Up Science Experiment Results

Laboratories are typically maintained at a cold temperature. Now, a new study shows that chilly lab mice may have unwanted effects on the results of lab tests and experiments.

Animals April 21, 2016

Carbon Emission Rate On Earth Unprecedented Since Dinosaur Extinction

Scientists today use one specific climate event that occurred millions of years ago as an analog for carbon emission rate. Now, a new study revealed that the current carbon emission rate on our planet has become so unprecedented that it has turned into a "no-analog" state.

Earth/Environment March 22, 2016

Man-Made Forests Do Not Help Cool Climate: Managed Forests Contribute To Global Warming Rather Than Mitigate It

Europe's shift to coniferous forests may have stoked climate change instead of mitigating it, according to a new analysis. While expanding since 1750, the continent's forests have been found to contribute to warming.

Earth/Environment February 5, 2016

Record Breaking Heat In 2015 Likely Caused By Man-Made Climate Change: Meteorologists

Natural climate swings had very slim chances of causing the record-breaking heat waves that occurred in recent years. A new study argues that human-induced climate change may have led to the record-high temperatures.

Earth/Environment January 28, 2016

2015 Was The Hottest Year On Record

This one's for the history books: a group of scientists has proclaimed 2015 to be the hottest year on record, thanks in part to El Niño.

Animals January 21, 2016

World Meteorological Organization Reveals 2015 Is Likely To Be The Warmest Year On Record

According to the World Meteorological Organization, 2015 is on its way to become the warmest year on record, with the past five years having global surface temperatures above average.

Earth/Environment November 25, 2015

Climate Change An Investment Risk: Warming Temperatures Could Erase 45 Percent Of Global Portfolio

Researchers found climate change-related sentiments can wipe out 45 percent of global investment portfolio and 23 percent of fixed income portfolio. Half of the perceived loss is avoidable, the other half is deemed unhedgeable.

Earth/Environment November 14, 2015

Study Says Office Thermostat Settings Not Suited For Women

Women may often find themselves uncomfortable with the temperature settings at work because one of the factors of thermal comfort model can be deemed as sexist.

Life August 5, 2015

The Strand Publishes Long-Lost F. Scott Fitzgerald Story Rejected For Publication 76 Years Ago

Legendary "The Great Gatsby" author F. Scott Fitzgerald did not live to witness the particular success of his autobiographical story "Temperature," which was rediscovered 76 years after having been turned down for publication.

Internet Culture August 3, 2015

May 2015 Was Earth's Warmest Month And 2015 Could Be Warmest Year

New data reveal that May 2015 broke world temperature records. 2015 could also rank high on the list of the world's warmest years if the trend continues in the second half of the year.

Animals June 22, 2015

These Airport Pods Simulate The Weather At Your Destination

Stockholm's Arlanda Airport is featuring three climate-controlled rooms that simulate the weather at your destination, allowing you to experience the world from an airport pod.

FUTURE TECH June 16, 2015

Top Chinese Meteorologist Warns Climate Change Will Have 'Huge Impact' On Country

So far, climate change effects have proved to be problematic. China may be seeing more of these problems in the future though, warned the country's top weather official.

Earth/Environment March 23, 2015

History Of Melting Ice In Greenland May Hold Clues To Future

Researchers have been able to quantify the way the Greenland Ice Sheet reacted to warmer temperatures in the past. The melting of ice may hold clues for future sea-level rise.

Earth/Environment February 25, 2015

Printable Fever Alarm Armband Alerts You When Your Temperature Increases

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed the wearable ‘fever alarm armband’ that makes the sound of an alarm when high body temperature is hinted. It can be worn either directly on the skin or on top of clothes.

Wearable Tech February 24, 2015

Urban Areas Subject To More Frequent Heat Waves, Says Study

Urban areas are getting more heat waves in recent years in comparison with nonurban areas. Scientists estimate that 70 percent of the world's population will live in urban areas by 2050.

Earth/Environment January 30, 2015

Zebra Stripes Help Keep the Animal Cool ... Or Not?

Zebras that live in hotter regions tend to have more eye-popping stripe patterns. The discovery suggests that thermoregulation has something to do with the animal's iconic black and white coat.

Animals January 15, 2015

Zebra Stripe Mystery: New Explanations Surface as Scientists Study the Patterns

Zebra stripes cannot be explained using traditional theories. Now, researchers have tried to unravel the mystery of these markings by studying variations among regional populations.

January 14, 2015

Snow, Icy Chill Grip Midwest to Northeast: Brace for Worse on Thursday

As temperatures continue to drop, states from Midwest to Northeast have been taking precautions to avoid the dangers posed by the bitterly cold winter.

Animals January 9, 2015

Yes, You Can Catch Cold From Cold Weather: Study

Yale researchers have found that a cold nose can increase your risk for getting sick.

Life January 6, 2015

Meet Pacifi, a Smart Pacifier that Sends Your Baby's Temperature to Your Smartphone

A new Bluetooth-enabled smart pacifier has been developed by connected healthcare products maker BlueMaestro. The device is capable of tracking a child’s temperature on pre-determined periods for the whole day.

Gadgets December 2, 2014

The Heat is On: 2014 Might be Warmest Year Since 1880

October 2014 was the warmest October since 1880. The year 2014 is on track to be the warmest year since temperature recording started.

Earth/Environment November 23, 2014

Think September was warm? You're right: NASA confirms September 2014 warmest month ever recorded

NASA's data on average global temperature reveal that the weather last September was the warmest for the month since scientists began tracking global temperatures in 1880.

Earth/Environment October 16, 2014

California heat wave hits triple digit temperature: How to keep your cool in hot weather

California experiences an extremely hot weather with heat in some areas reaching over 100. The CDC says air-conditioning reduces risks of heat-related illnesses and deaths.

Earth/Environment October 6, 2014

On the move: whale sharks find new home in more northern waters

A new study shows that in light of global warming, whale sharks seem to be driven to waters with cooler temperatures.

Earth/Environment July 18, 2014

World's most accurate thermometer is super sensitive and uses light

The light thermometer is the world's most accurate device for measuring temperature. This is how the novel invention works.

Life June 3, 2014

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