Love 'Splatoon' Or 'Minecraft'? How About 'Splatoon In Minecraft'? [Video]


One week after the official release of Nintendo's competitive online multiplayer painting game Splatoon in the game console Wii U, dedicated Minecraft gamer SethBling recreated the Splatoon's core game mode Turf Wars in the Minecraft platform. The mod was initially developed for those who do not have access to Wii U but would like to try the relentless game of the latest Nintendo's Splatoon, which has topped the sales charts in Japan during its launch week. With the advice of his associate PyroPuncher, SethBling brought out the Splatoon fundamental experience in Minecraft.

Mojang's Sandbox Minecraft has been a great world for the ever-growing list of mod recreations from popular games such as Pokemon, Zelda and Super Mario, and the vanilla Minecraft version of Splatoon is one of those collectible additions. SethBling's Splatoon multi-player map is available for free download at his website, and can be played with friends on any 1.8 Minecraft servers. The mod is optimized for four versus four players, though it supports any team sizes.

Players gather to group themselves in a central hub world and choose either the Green team or the Purple team after selecting a main weapon. The two opposing teams have three minutes to paint as much of the landscape in their team's assigned colored ink as much as possible using any of the three different weapons - Splattershot, Splat Charger and the Splat Roller. Players can transform into squids to travel faster or to refill ammo by sinking into their team's painted walls. The scoreboard appears on the right hand side on the screen so one will know who is winning.

Admittedly SethBling's Minecraft map is not as perfect as Nintendo's Splatoon like the hub world, Inkopolis, is missing, and players' arsenals are not as expansive, but the core competitive experience is definitely present. One noticeable difference between the two is that Minecraft's mod is played first-person shooter unlike Splatoon's third-person shooting mode. However, SethBling added a cool feature on his version - it has voice chat, which is a great communication tool for teamwork and strategizing players. Splatoon co-director Yusuke Amano opted not to incorporate this feature in the original game after negative experiences with other online titles.

SethBling credited Kevin MacLeod for the opening "Pump" and closing music "Cipher."

Check out the video shown to see how amazing and fun SethBling's Splatoon mod on Minecraft.

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