Unicode announced that the new version 8.0 of the Unicode Standard is now available for all emoji fans to explore. At least 36 new icons passed the consortium's strict standards which include a taco emoji, now considered the most requested emoji of all time.

Apart from the 36 new emojis, the list also includes five skin color modifiers. All of these will soon be available on mobile devices' keyboard although Apple has already integrated the skin color modifiers in OS X and iOS.

Unicode says that not all platforms will have certain emojis on future software updates. The revealed list will somehow act as a guideline for these platforms to be used as their bases in creating their own set of images.

The 36 new emojis are divided into four distinct groups. Here are the different groups of emojis.

First: Face, Hands, and Symbols of the Zodiac. This group has a total of 16 emojis that show various symbols of face expressions, a hand sign, and the Zodiac. These include zipper- mouth face emoji, money-mouth face emoji, face with thermometer emoji, nerd face emoji, thinking face emoji, face with rolling eyes emoji, upside-down face emoji, face with head-bandage emoji, robot face emoji, hugging face emoji, sign of the horns emoji, crab (Cancer) emoji, scorpion (Scorpio) emoji, lion face (Leo) emoji, bow and arrow (Sagittarius) emoji and amphora (Aquarius) emoji.

Second: Symbols That Have Religious Significance. The second group has 6 emojis which show different places of worship and symbols that have religious significance. These include place of worship emoji, kaaba emoji, mosque emoji, synagogue emoji, menorah with nine branches emoji and prayer beads emoji.

Third: Most Popularly Requested Emoji. The third group has 8 emojis which mostly include popular food items. These are hot dog, burrito, cheese wedge, popcorn, bottle with popping cork and taco which is touted as the most requested emoji. Other emojis in the group are turkey and unicorn face.

Fourth: Missing Popular Sports Symbols. This last group has 6 emojis, all showing new icons for popular sports. These include cricket bat and ball emoji, volleyball emoji, field hockey stick and ball emoji, ice hockey stick and puck emoji, table tennis paddle and ball emoji, and badminton racquet and shuttlecock emoji.

According to Unicode's blog post, "phones and computers often need operating system updates to support new emoji, which may take some time. It is also now clear which existing characters, such as the often requested Shopping Bags, can be used as emoji. Once phones and computers support these characters, people will be able to see colorful images such as the Bottle with Popping Cork (shown in the picture above)."

The standards group that is responsible for the release of Unicode's latest version is already working on Version 9.0 which is slated to launch in 2016. Some of the proposed icons that mobile device users may be able to see next year include selfie, owl, shrug, avocado and bacon which is a popular topping for tacos.

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