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Proposed Emojis For Unicode 11.0 Include Drunk Face, Llama, And Sad Poop

Unicode has now announced 67 new proposed emoji for Unicode 11, due in June 2018. The list includes many items, including a kangaroo, a flat shoe, and a frowning pile of poo.

Apps/Software August 5, 2017

Hush, Mind-Blown, Broccoli: All These And More As New Emojis Gets Revealed

Unicode has unveiled Emoji 5.0, a list of potential emojis. The new emojis will launch sometime mid-2017.

Internet March 23, 2017

Apple Proposes To Add Five Job-Related Emojis: Artist, Astronaut, Firefighter, Judge And Pilot

Apple proposed to add five new job-related emojis to the Unicode Emoji Version 4.0 update, specifically for an artist, an astronaut, a firefighter, a judge and a pilot. All emojis will come with male and female versions.

Apple August 25, 2016

Apple’s iOS 10 Update Will Feature 100 New Emojis With Focus On Female Athletes And Professionals

Apple’s fall software update for iPhones and iPads iOS 10 will include more than 100 new emojis, including more representations for females and redesigns of existing characters.

Apps/Software August 1, 2016

Google’s New Working Women Emojis Are Approved: Android Users Can Soon Use The Female Coder, Scientist, Mechanic And More

Unicode approved 11 new emojis proposed by Google that feature more diverse professions for men and women in all skin tones.

Apps/Software July 15, 2016

Here's What That Sassy Female Emoji Could Really Mean

This theory argues that there is really another meaning behind the sassy female emoji, which represents 'information desk person.'

Internet Culture April 12, 2016

A Petition Was Started To Have Unicode Consortium Release A Beard Emoji

A campaign that is raising awareness for bowel cancer is petitioning Unicode, Apple and Google to feature a beard emoji in its next update.

Internet Culture November 9, 2015

Google Has Removed Emojis From Search Results

If you would like to see as many emojis as possible on the Internet, you're not going to like this news. It appears that Google has finally removed emojis from search results.

Internet June 22, 2015

Unicode Version 8.0 Brings 37 New Emojis: Nerd Face, Taco, Popcorn, Lion Face, Prayer Beads And More

The Unicode Consortium released a new set of emojis which shall be the official emojis of the latest Unicode 8.0 version. It includes an emoji for taco as a response to the numerous requests from taco lovers around the globe.

Apps/Software June 19, 2015

Emoji welcomes racial diversity: Now express with more skin tones

Unicode addresses racial diversity by proposing a set of skin tone modifier characters. This will allow users to send emoji with different skin tones as defined on the Fitzpatrick scale.

Internet November 5, 2014

Racial diversity coming to emojis as character library gets a make over

After lamenting the difficulty in capturing the diversity of the human experience within emojis, the Unicode Consortium proposes new skin tones for characters. Unicode Version 8.0 could include five new modifiers for adjusting the hues of emojis.

Apps/Software November 4, 2014

Unicode 7.0 adds new emoji symbols including white flag, Vulcan salute and middle finger

Unicode has released the latest version of its characters and symbols standards, including 250 new emoji. Some of the new symbols may surprise you.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech June 17, 2014

Unicode Consortium introduces 250 new emojis. Yes, that's a middle finger

When words aren't enough to mean what we want to say, there are emojis. And with the new Unicode 7.0 now available, we have 250 more pictographs to choose from.

Internet June 17, 2014

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