Jaguar’s Brainwave Monitoring Reads Your Mind To Keep You Safe


Jaguar Land Rover is known for its high-tech innovations when it it comes to cars, but its latest project might just blow your mind — really. Dubbed Mind Sense, the research project is developing cars that use brainwave monitoring to read your mind for increased safety.

Jaguar's Mind Sense project uses the brainwave monitoring technology – along with sports, medicine and aerospace technologies – in sensors located on the steering wheel and seats to measure the driver's brain activity. The result is a sixth sense that can read the driver's mind — well, in terms of detecting whether they're stressed, tired or lacking concentration.

The goal of Mind Sense is to reduce the number of accidents caused by distracted and stressed-out drivers.

"If brain activity indicates a daydream or poor concentration, then the steering wheel or pedals could vibrate to raise the driver's awareness and re-engage them with driving," said project director Dr. Wolfgang Epple to Slash Gear.

There are other ways the car could snap the driver to focus back on the road, such as releasing a warning sound until the brainwaves indicate alertness.

Mind Sense uses its sixth sense to also notify the driver of obstacles in the road, traffic signals and warn them if they are speeding, with vibrations in the accelerator pedal.

Sensors embedded in the steering wheel will analyze brainwaves, waking up sleepy or preoccupied drivers when need be. A seat sensor called the Driver Wellness Monitoring system will measure the driver's heart beat, breathing, and will be able to detect if the driver's health is in crisis.

The company is also working on a midair touch feature called the Predictive Infotainment Screen. This technology would use a hand-tracking camera that would predict which button the driver will press, so that eyes are kept off screens and on the road. Midair selections would give "haptic feedback," ultrasonic sensation of touch such as tingling in the fingertips.

While these features are impressive, they haven't been installed in any consumer cars just yet. Still, it's good to know that the cars of the future won't just be cool — they could be equipped with the tools to keep us safe.

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