A Tinder-like app for Android and iOS is now targeting dog owners, as the new "Tindog" app aims to match dogs and dog-lovers.

The Tinder dating app has grown immensely popular among the singles community, boasting an efficient "swipe right - swipe left" selection manner that allows users to look around and find what they're looking for in a fast, simple and efficient way.

The new app called Tindog borrows the same selection function, allowing users to swipe right or left, but revolves around dogs. Whether you're looking for a playdate for your best friend, looking for a suitable mate for your dog or simply seeking a person with similar interests who shares your love for dogs, Tindog wants to help.

The whole swipe-right-swipe-left functionality is basically the same as on Tinder. For instance, you can right-swipe to like the photo of a dog (and its owner), chat with the owner of the dog, or exchange dog photos. It aims to serve as a pleasant means for dog owners to find others in their area, bond with them, take the dogs out for a walk together, share dog-training techniques or others such. In other words, Tindog is a Tinder app for dogs, but since dogs can't use apps (or can they?) you'll have to do the work and find like-minded dog-owners to connect with.

While the dating potential will surely appeal to many, the app can be greatly beneficial for pups as well. Dogs need to socialize and play with other dogs, run around and consume their vast amounts of energy, and some dog owners find it difficult to get playdates for their companion. Whether they're in a new city and don't know anyone or they're just too shy to find friends at the dog park, dog owners don't always manage to offer their buddy enough playtime or socializing with other dogs.

This is not the first app designed to help dog owners find other dog owners in their area, but the similarity to the Tinder dating app is expected to make Tindog a popular choice.

The Tindog app is now available for free on iOS and Android, aiming to help you and your dog socialize more.

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