Jaws hit theaters on June 20, 1975, and we haven't been able to go back in the water ever since. Well, maybe that's exaggerating things a bit, but the film did cause the world to fear sharks more than ever before and in the process, it changed Hollywood forever.

Jaws introduced us to some guy named Steven Spielberg who would go on to become one of the most influential and successful Hollywood film directors of all time. The movie was really the first Hollywood blockbuster, becoming the first film to earn more than $7 million in an opening weekend and the highest-grossing film up to that point. The mega-success of Jaws helped establish summer as the season for big-budget blockbusters in the years to come.

It's no surprise then that Jaws remains one of the most ubiquitous films in our culture. The movie spawned plenty of catchphrases, parodies of its iconic poster and a theme that automatically makes the listener fear something very, very bad is going to happen. Jaws is so beloved that it's even being re-released in theaters on June 21 and June 24 in honor of its 40th anniversary.

If you can't make it out to the theater and don't even have two spare hours to watch Jaws again in celebration of this momentous occasion, your Saturday doesn't have to be Jaws-less. A YouTube user by the name of Robert Jones has essentially edited the film into a highlights reel that packs all of Jaws' action, suspense and intensity into just three minutes.

Everyone has time for that, right? Whether you've seen the film or not, you'll be surprised by how terrified this three-minute cut will make you feel. And yes — since this video basically shows all of Jaws in three minutes, the whole thing is one big spoiler.

Check out the full 40th anniversary tribute video below. It will definitely make you want to watch the film in its entirety later.

[H/T Neatorama]

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