The wearable technology industry might have truly just arrived. With launching a new Wearable Technology store where customers can browse the latest devices and purchase in a one-stop shop, this sector might officially have become part of the general mainstream population.

It comes on the heels of much controversy surrounding Google Glass, which has sparked concerns over privacy and personal freedoms. It led to a handful of attacks on wearers of Glass, called Explorers, as well as restaurant and bar owners barring Explorers from wearing the tech while in their establishment.

But Amazon believes the industry is ready to boom and will have full stocks of activity trackers, smart watches, wearable cameras and other innovative items, the company says.

"Wearable technology is an exciting category with rapid innovation and our customers are increasingly coming to Amazon to shop and learn about these devices," said John Nemeth, Director of Wireless and Mobile Electronics at Amazon.

"We're thrilled to bring our customers a store with the largest selection and great prices that helps eliminate the guesswork when deciding which wearable devices best fit their needs--whether that is tracking activity, staying connected through smart watches or capturing their next adventure with wearable cameras."

The new site will also be home to a "Learning Center" where potential buyers can research and learn more about the wearable tech they are looking to purchase. It should help educate the population on the new technologies available as well as inform people on the products currently on the market.

The company says that the resources they are providing will deliver product comparisons and guides to each design in order to assist potential customers in ascertaining which device would be the right one for them.

There will also be an "Editor's Corner" full of reviews, industry news and other wearable technology information to better guide customers.

"Customers can shop the Wearable Technology store by category, compare products and discover the devices that are right for them," stated in the press release.

Surprisingly, the company's shares despite the announcement were down just over half a percent in early trading. The company does hope that the addition of the wearable tech store on its global shopping site will help continue the company's profit push and delivering the largest selection of merchandise by an online vendor.

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