The majority of Americans believe technology is capable of improving society, but they also fear the negative implications technology might have on their lives. Because of this, Google and others will have a lot of work to do when it comes to convincing Americans that Glass is not a threat.

Based on a survey conducted by the nonprofit Pew Research Center, Americans seem to enjoy the idea of having a robot servant doing their bidding on a daily basis. This is not surprising, as having a robot servant would probably be the coolest thing to ever happen to humanity.

Pew Research Center surveyed 1,001 Americans to find out what they think of technology now and they expect to happen in the future to come. Strangely enough, 9 percent of the participants wish to see the invention of the time machine, while only 8 percent of Americans, ages ranging from 39 to 40, are interested in robot servants.

When it comes to driverless cars, however, 48 percent are interested in taking the plunge; while 50 percent say they would not get around the wheels of a robot car. Additionally, 33 percent of Americans believe that in the next 50 years, humans will colonize other planets, while 39 percent believe scientists will find a way to crack the teleportation barrier by the same time frame.

Things begin to get interesting when the survey touched on drones and wearable devices. It proves a great deal how difficult it will be for technology companies to convince Americans that wearable's are not a threat to their privacy.

The survey shows that 53 percent of Americans are scared of wearable devices and implants that might collect and share information of their surroundings. In many ways, it is impossible to not understand why these people are choosing to distant themselves from wearables, because the possibility of someone using Google Glass device nefarious purposes is quite high.

On the matter opening U.S. airspace to drones, 63 percent of Americans are against this. Only a meager 22 percent see this as a good idea that could change things for the better.

Right now we know Amazon is hoping to deliver goods to customer's doorsteps via the use of drones, but if this survey is right on the money, Amazon could have a difficult time getting these drones off the ground.

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