Well, maybe Alice B. Toklas really was on to something in the in 1968 movie "I Love You, Alice B. Toklas." Some 46 years later, tokers are now turning into eaters, as injesting marijuana is getting as popular as smoking it.

The problem here is Colorado's marijuana experiment is turning into an unexpected messy recipe, as the pot industry is now joining forces with health officials and state regulators to try to curb the problem of folks ingesting too much of the stuff.

Officials in Colorado are now claiming that marijuana-infused foods are actually booming these days in the state's new recreational market. At issue now is how much is too much when you're eating as opposed to smoking the drug?

"Basically, we are trying to figure out how to come up with a reasonable THC concentration or amount in edibles in proportion to product safety size," explained Dr. George Sam Wang of Children's Hospital Colorado. Wang has actually treated several toddlers who recently fell ill after eating marijuana.

The reasons given by those that are now eating the drug are mainly the health concerns around smoking it, but many also say the laws barring public outdoor pot smoking are a big reason. At least two recent deaths in the state are being linked to over consumption of food with the drug in it - though other drugs may also have been involved in the incidents.

Colorado is already limiting the intoxicating chemical THC in marijuana in many edible pot products to 10mg (the amount in a typical joint) a serving with a max of 10 servings per package. State lawmakers are working to draw up legislation that would require edibles to be marked and colored to indicate they contain pot, and not just on the wrappers but on the actual food product as well. Another bill is aimed at reducing possession limits on concentrated marijuana (cannabis oils used in brownies or cookies). Both bills recently passed the House and await Senate hearings later this week.

So then, Alice, would you please pass along another brownie when you have a moment?

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