PlayStation gamers have been enjoying the Sony exclusive "Undying Mind" strike in Destiny for almost a year now. Come this fall, Destiny players on Xbox will finally get a chance to check out the strike for themselves, only it won't be exactly as PlayStation fans remember it.

Destiny creative director Luke Smith in speaking with Eurogamer confirmed that Xbox gamers will indeed be gaining access to all of the original PlayStation exclusive content that launched with the game in September 2014. He also went on to elaborate on how Bungie is treating the re-release of the former Sony exclusive strike mission.

"The previously Sony-exclusive strikes will be available this autumn on Xbox," Smith says. "But we're not just re-issuing them. We're [also] refreshing them completely with the Taken."

The Taken are a new enemy type that will make their debut in Destiny's third expansion, The Taken King.

"We want you to experience The Undying Mind completely as it was with the Vex, and also in a Taken-ified version," Smith continues. "We wanted to make it feel like more than last year's model."

Both PlayStation and Xbox players will be able to experience this new, more difficult version of the strike mission along with the original version.

A whole new batch of PlayStation exclusive content is coming to the game alongside The Taken King expansion. Like before, Xbox gamers will have to wait a year until they can get their hands on the Sony timed-exclusive weapons and missions.

In other Destiny news, Bungie is promising longtime players that their dedication to the game will soon be rewarded, even as the developer is receiving its fair share of controversy over the recent announcement of a Red Bull exclusive quest (yes, this is a real thing) that can only be obtained from codes within promotional cans of the energy drink.

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