NEA 3D has unveiled its first line of 3D printer models this week at CE Week 2015.

On Thursday, June 24, NEA 3D CEO William Chang and fellow founding member Stoyan Tadin took to the show floor to demonstrate the utility of their printer models, which were designed specifically to aid artists in their work.

Originally the the founder of a visual effects and design studio, Chang became frustrated when he found that most affordable 3D printers produced lackluster results. He enlisted Tadin, an industrial designer with a strong research and development background, to create a line of upgradable modular printers with an easy-to-use interface. "We're all artists. None of us are tech people, or have a tech background," Chang told Tech Times.

NEA uses a technology called "Fused Filament Fabrication" or "FFF", which the company compares to a super small glue gun that carefully pushes or "extrudes" melted filament made of plastics out the hot end. The plastic is printed layer-by-layer in cross sections to follow the pattern, and it cools and hardens almost instantly.

What exactly would artists do with an NEA 3D model? Chang gave some examples.

"If you need tools, you can print out components. If you're an artist that does installations, well, there you go," he said.

The NEA 3D printers come in three versions: NEA Mini, NEA Pro, and NEA Pro Plus. The 22-inch high Pro and 26-inch high Pro Plus have listed retail prices of $845 and $1,395, respectively; the 18-inch high Mini, listed at $495, has already sold out during its Indiegogo campaign. Printers can be ordered here.

CE Week 2015's consumer electronics and and technology exhibits run through Thursday in New York City. More than 175 participating companies showcase what's new, with a program of over 35 conference sessions, keynotes and workshops, at the Metropolitan Pavilion/Altman Building.

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