There hasn't been any shortage of products to which the Polaroid name has been attached in recent years, but relatively few have managed to capture anything resembling the spirit of Polaroid's landmark cameras. One of the exceptions is the Polaroid Cube camera introduced last year -- which, while not exactly groundbreaking, did at least look like a Polaroid.

Now there's a follow-up that addresses one of the Cube main shortcomings. Like many action cameras, the original Cube eschewed a viewfinder in favor of portability but, as CNET reports, the Cube+ gets around that somewhat thanks to the addition of built-in WiFi, which will let you use your iOS or Android device as a viewfinder.

Of course, the WiFi also means you'll be able to transfer photos and videos from the camera wirelessly, which could make it more attractive for those looking for a really portable camera kit. Apart from that, the Cube+ looks to remain mostly unchanged from its predecessor, packing the same 8-megapixel camera into the same 1.4-inch cube. You can look for it to be available by August for $150.

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