Traditional baby monitors enable parents to hear their child crying so that they can rush over to sooth them. While baby monitors allow parents to hear the sound that lets them know when their infant is wet or hungry, they aren't smart enough to alert moms and dads when the baby rolls over on their stomach, or if their breathing suddenly changes.

Wearable technology company MonDevices created a device that will put worried parent's minds at rest. Called MonBaby, this baby monitor tracks the baby's breathing, sleep pattern and activity, while sending alerts to parents on their smartphones.

"It's wearable product that can be attached to any article of baby clothing," Jane Vorohovixh, MonBaby marketing director, told Tech Times.

The wearable baby monitor comes with two parts: a shell and a button. The shell is placed underneath the baby's clothing, and then the button is snapped on top. This design allows parents to attach the device to any piece of clothing, not matter how big the baby grows.

The button is equipped with a MEMS 14bit accelerometer to detect even the smallest movements.
MonBaby contains a 3V coin-cell battery, so with a battery life up to two months, you don't have to recharge it every day.

Download the accompanying app, which tracks all measurements in real-time, and sends alters via Bluetooth Low Energy to the app available for both iPhone and Android. The device has an arena range of up to 60 feet.

Risk factors are displayed on the dashboard in the app. Parents can customize the app to fit their and their baby's needs, such as being notified in real-time when a newborn rolls over, or when a toddler falls.

They also can see the baby's sleep position directly on the smartphone app, so they know whether the baby is on their back or stomach. That means parents no longer have to leave bed in the middle of the night multiple times when paranoia sets in. Simply look at the app to see that your baby is sleeping safely.

The app tracks the baby's sleeping pattern, alerting parents if the baby stops breathing for 15 seconds or more.

By allowing parents to easily and immediately track their baby's sleeping patterns, MonDevices is contributing to the Safe to Sleep public education campaign lead by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health, which aims to decrease infant deaths.  

MonBaby wearable sleep sensor retails for $169.

Photo: Mon Devices
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