When Jon Stewart took over as host of The Daily Show in 1996, did anyone expect his tenure to last for 20 years?

Can you imagine appearing on TV every weekday for two decades? IMDb says that Stewart has appeared on 2,565 episodes of the show. We can't even get our heads around that number. It's mind-boggling.

A man named Billy Chasen put together a clever video that has a frame from every episode Stewart has ever done for The Daily Show. Using one shot from an episode per-frame, the video flies by in just over two minutes. Aside from watching Stewart age (his hair starts black and is completely gray by the end), it's pretty funny to watch a rapid-fire barrage of his famously goofy expressions.

Stewart is currently preparing to take his last bow, and this video is a perfect memento of his incredible body of work on the show. His final episode is scheduled to air on August 6. Trevor Noah takes over the anchor's chair on The Daily Show starting September 28.

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