You can now preorder the Apple Watch Reserve Strap for $249. The band will add 30 additional hours of battery life and is set to ship on November 3.

While the Apple Watch's 18-hour battery life is fine for most people, some would prefer not having to charge it daily. The Reserve Strap is a third-party strap that adds 30 extra hours of battery life to the smartwatch, and the company claims it will supply enough power to last three days before a charge is necessary and up to a week for Apple Watch users who are conservative with their use of the wearable.

The Reserve Strap works by connecting to a hidden six-pin diagnostics port located on one of the slots used to attach Apple Watch straps and charges the wearable while you're wearing it. Apple didn't intend for users to access this port and even put a door over it to hide it. Reserve Strap tested and found that instead of using Apple's inductive magnetic charging and directly attaching its Reserve Strap to the port, it allowed for faster charging of the wearable and avoided possibly interfering with the sensors Apple has placed on the rear of the device where its magnetic charger connects.

The Reserve Strap team posted an update on its blog to announce that it has finalized the design of the strap and will being shipping it on November 3, 2015.

"The Reserve Strap promises to be the most indispensable Apple Watch accessory ever. It is the first and only band that charges Apple Watch while you wear it. We've been blown away by the interest and support we've gotten from the Apple Watch enthusiasts all over the world since we announced this concept. We've been hard at work creating a product that will allow you to get maximum utility and performance from your Apple Watch."

The Reserve Strap will be offered in choices of black, white and gray and will be available for 38 mm and 42 mm Apple Watch models. It will ship with a micro USB cable that will be used to charge the strap and Apple Watch at the same time and a tool to help you remove the door placed over the hidden port.

The company is now taking preorders and notes that only customers who preorder will be guaranteed to receive it by its November 3 release date. The Reserve Strap can be preordered here for $249. Reserve Strap also claims that it fully complies with Apple's Band Design Guidelines for the Apple Watch and won't violate Apple Care warranty.

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