As the Apple Watch begins to make its way to the wrists of users, some are discovering undocumented features. One such feature recently found is copy and paste functionality.

When Apple unveiled the original iPhone back in 2007, the smartphone wasn't able to run third party apps like rival devices from Palm and BlackBerry. Another major feature the iPhone lacked was copy and paste, and iOS fans didn't get this feature until the release of iPhone OS 3.0 in June 2009.

Many reviews and users have compared the look of Apple's first wearable, the Apple Watch, to that of the original iPhone. Like the iPhone, the Apple Watch is missing some key features that can already be found on rival devices from Samsung, LG, and Motorola. One such feature is keyboard support and although typing on a tiny screen doesn't seem practical, the option and apps are there for anyone who wants to tap out text on Android wear devices.

Much like the original iPhone and iPhone 3G, the Apple Watch doesn't include support for copy and paste, or does it?

A MacRumors forum member discovered that the Apple Watch could possibly gain copy and paste in a future software update since it is currently hidden inside Watch OS. Here's how you can see this undocumented feature in action on your Apple Watch.

1.    Go into Apple Watch app on iPhone

2.    Privacy->Motion & Fitness, then turn off Heart Rate and Fitness Tracking

3.    On the watch, open the Workout App

4.    Double-tap and hold to get the magnifying glass and to get a Select menu

5.    Tap Select All to get Copy

The user created a video, which can be seen here to show off the feature in action.

It's believed that since Watch OS is based off of iOS, Apple has accidentally left some features in the OS. The feature isn't actually usable since there's no text input fields to actually paste but serves as a reminder that the Apple Watch in its current stage is much like the original iPhone, and in time its abilities and features will continue to grow.

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