T-Mobile Jump On Demand: Here's How You Get New Smartphone For Zero Upfront And Swap Whenever You Want


In March 2013, T-Mobile (USA) introduced the Un-Carrier plan that allowed customers to take a handset from the carrier without the hassles of lengthy contracts. Now the carrier has launched "Jump! On Demand" program that will allow customers to switch smartphones by up to three times in a year.

John Legere, the President and CEO of T-Mobile, announced the new Jump! On Demand program on Thursday, June 25, which will give customers more freedom and less hassles of switching handsets.

T-Mobile launched the original Jump program in July 2013 that allowed customers to switch handsets twice a year after six months but with the new Jump! On Demand program, customers can switch phones whenever they want.

"JUMP! On Demand is the best way to get a new smartphone whenever you want. Zero out the door. Zero at upgrade. Zero fees. Zero wait. Zero BS," says Legere.

Both new and existing T-Mobile customers on Simple Choice are eligible for Jump! On Demand; however, it does not include Simple Choice No Credit Check customers. The latest program will start on June 28 and customers will have to visit their nearest T-Mobile store to enrol for the program.

T-Mobile is scrapping $10 monthly fees for enrolling to the original Jump program. Customers who have qualifying credits can get on Jump! On Demand without paying anything upfront. Moreover, sales tax is also not payable upfront. While other carriers may charge for an upgrade fee, Jump! On Demand does not include any type of fees.

Customers who do not have qualifying credit can still get on Jump! On Demand by making an upfront payment.

Customers can upgrade three times in a year without any time restriction, which means you can switch a handset just within a week also. Customers will have to visit a T-Mobile store with their last handset where it will get a three-point check-up to ensure that the phone is working. If the handset is working then the customer can walk-out of the store with a new handset without paying any upgrade cost. The same process will have to be repeated for future upgrades.

The payments a customer will have to make after enrolling or upgrading to Jump! On Demand will include taxes, service fees and the cost of the new handset.

A number of top-end smartphones including the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, LG G4 and more are available under the latest program. It is highly likely that upcoming handsets such as the next-generation iPhones, Galaxy Note 5 and more will also be available under Jump! On Demand.

In case of service cancelation, remaining payments will become due and customers will have to pay the remaining payments due. Customers will also have to return the handset in working condition.

Check out a short video of Legere talking about the latest Jump! On Demand program.

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