The smartest way to find out which smartphone is the best choice is to check out the specs that are most important to you as a user. The common specs are picture quality and RAM capacity, but one aspect that does not get much attention is the sound quality. With major manufacturers like Apple and Samsung releasing their new models and wowing the market with their respective upgrades in specs, one smartphone contender is catching up and making the eye-catching, or shall we say, ear-catching new model known.

The LG G4's classy and sleek look has been turning heads and gaining a following with its updated camera quality. It's one of the few models that still have a removable battery and expandable memory storage - perfect for those who have a massive collection of media.

Another impressive element of the LG G4 is the sound quality. To test out just how impressive it is, PhoneArena compared it with the Samsung Galaxy S6 since it has been known to have a louder sound than most smartphones currently available. 

For this test, PhoneArena used songs with varying acoustic instruments. Ranging from piano, bass, drums and acoustic guitars, these instruments were used to make a rounded assessment of the capacity of phones to play different genres of music. For both phones, a microphone was placed about two inches from the speaker grille with the holes of the speaker facing opposite the microphone. This eliminated background noise and gave a close enough representation of how the phones would sound when set on top of a table. 

PhoneArena's findings are quite interesting. Though the LG G4 delivers more middle frequencies and has a flatter and yet fuller sound than the Galaxy S6, which has a bit more punch with its high frequencies and seemingly clearer sound, the LG G4 actually sounds better at playing all kinds of instruments through its speaker.

The LG G4 may not sound louder but at least it does not have the compression sound that the Galaxy S6 has when playing music with snare drums, which is not at all enjoyable after some listening time. 

Because of Samsung's "hump" in the high frequencies, it does sound a bit louder than most smartphones; however, the downside is that experience and everyday use will cause the user's ears to feel worn-out with the harsh and annoying highs in the sounds. The compression, which gives Samsung a perceived clearer sound, in the long run, causes users to lose details of certain instruments, which for an audiophile can be disappointing.

The LG G4 on the other hand, has proven that it can hold its own against a mobile giant like Samsung even though compared to its models, the G4 sounds a bit muffled. The fact that one can hear more details of the instrumental gives the ears a pleasurable experience. Since the compression with this model is noticeably less, the ears don't get hammered and users get to tolerate spending more time listening to music or catching up with their favorite TV show. 

Though both phones have respectable upgrades and each one specializes in different frequencies, the LG G4 so far is the resounding winner in this comparison. However, don't take PhoneArena or our word for it, why not hear it for yourself?

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