Nick Jonas In Twitter Row With Crossfit Over Diabetes Tweet


A Twitter banter that came from a tweet on Coke and diabetes by fitness group CrossFit caught the attention of an upset Nick Jonas, as seen in his tweets June 30.

There seemed to be some sort of misunderstanding as the two parties tweeted almost about the same thing, but not really.

In a tweet on June 29, the fitness group posted an image of a Coca-Cola bottle with words that read "open diabetes," The tweet came with the hashtag #Sugarkills, and an aggressive comment from CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman.

The 22-year-old singer, who was diagnosed with Type One diabetes when he was 13, reacted the day after; tweeting that this is "not cool" and "ignorant."

While the singer pointed out the need to be aware of the difference of Type One and Type Two diabetes and sensitivities towards it, the fitness group, in its Tweet, aimed to address the bane that is diabetes.

This could have been the reason why CrossFit stood firm and further rebutted the tweet by saying that it is aware of the difference between Type One and Type Two diabetes and that anyone can get Type Two, even those diagnosed with Type One.

"Stop assuming we don't grasp the difference and help us raise awareness," the fitness group adds.

Glassman further followed up with a statement: "about the scourge of Type 2 diabetes and its underlying causes. His sponsor, Coca-Cola, is a significant contributor to the diabetes epidemic both with product and 'marketing' spend."

Jonas is a known advocate for the awareness of Type One diabetes and not a spokesman for Coca-Cola as confirmed by the company in a statement.

However, another twitter post shows a photo of Jonas promoting Coke, reports say.

Practicing obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Jennifer Ashton says Type One diabetes occurs when the little or no insulin is produced by the pancreas. Type Two, on the other hand, where being overweight and inactive are contributing factors, occurs when the pancreas produces little or stops producing insulin and the body starts to resist the hormone.

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