Exciting developments are underway in the world of Microsoft's Minecraft.

On July 29, Minecraft for the Windows 10 beta will be launched simultaneously with the release of the Windows 10 OS. This was announced at this weekend's MineCon conference, a worldwide gathering of Minecraft players, in London.

Minecraft is open to various platforms, namely Windows PC, Windows Phone, Mac, iOS, Android, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PS Vita, but the new version aims to provide a perfect fit for the new and shiny Windows 10 OS and will incorporate some new elements.

Good news #1: If you already have Minecraft, then the updated Windows 10 version including its later updates will be free for you. It's $10 for other players during the beta period.

Good news #2: The new Windows 10 edition won't supplant the current PC edition; both will be supported equally.

According to reports, Microsoft's flagship game, which Microsoft actually only bought from the Swedish developer Mojang in 2014, will reappear with exciting new special features for Windows 10.

The highlights include the multiple control schemes, allowing you to seamlessly switch between controller, touch and keyboard controls and combining the feel of mobile and desktop setups. The record/share support for built-in GameDVR functions sounds interesting too.

You can play with up to seven friends via Xbox Live, following the Pocket version. However, an update, which is supposed to arrive shortly after the launch, will also make it possible for you to play online with other Pocket Edition players. Let's see how all of this will add to the Minecraft experience!

Another refreshing development is the inclusion of Microsoft HoloLens as a platform. This headset adds a new dimension of virtual reality to good ol' Minecraft.

Intriguingly, HoloLens merges the virtual world with the real world around you, literally bringing the world of Minecraft into your living room. It's not just your regular 3D. It's holographic 3D that is really bringing the game to life in a unique way.

Using voice gestures, you can bring a virtual holographic screen from the wall to your living room table, for example, while blocks are tumbling around you. How about that! Here's hoping that remaining glitches will be worked out quickly, and it will be released to the general public soon!

Photo: Linus Bohman | Flickr

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