Fitbit Force promises to keep you fighting fit


For many people across the world, staying fit is the ultimate goal. However, sometimes that right amount of push is needed to keep people interested in continuing the journey on achieving a healthy lifestyle. One of the best ways to keep folks interested in working out is with a wearable gadget such as the FitBit Force, which tracks user workout performance. 

FitBit had launhed FitBit Flex in May of 2012. And, now the company has launched a newer version known as the FitBit Force, which is a new device that combines a fitness tracker with a smartwatch that looks similar to the FitBit Flex. 

The difference here lies in the small OLED display on the FitBit Force that is designed for showing the time and how many steps the wearer has taken throughout the day, or how many miles the wearer have covered. It's quite interesting and seems to be shaping up nicely to compete directly with the Samsung Galaxy Gear and other smartwatch devices available. 

In addition, the FitBit Force is capable of telling how long the wearer have slept, the number of stairs climbed and the amount of calories burnt. 

Every feature noted is able to be viewed via the small OLED display, or on the FitBit app, when the Force is paired to an iOS 7 device via Bluetooth 4.0. Furthermore, when paired with an iOS 7 device, the FitBit Force have the ability to show the user incoming call notifications right on the tiny OLED display. 

In an interview with AllThingsD, CEO and co-founder of Fitbit made the following statement about what can be done with the data collected from users.

"We probably have one of the largest personal biometric databases in the world around health and fitness, but we're very careful about people's privacy, so it definitely limits us in terms of what we can do with the data," said James Park. "But I think there's a lot of opportunity to develop sophisticated analytics on top of it that really give people insight into how they spend their day and how they can improve their health, so we have a pretty big R&D team that's looking at that stuff." 

The market for smartwatch devices is now a crowded space. Still, there is a lot of room to grow since no single manufacturer has yet managed to turn smartwatches into the next must-own gadget for consumers. Among technology majors, Sony and Samsung have already released devices to the market, which leaves Apple, Google and even Nokia as the next likely candidates to make an attempt to turn the smartwatch niche into a popular gadget category.

Interested parties will have the option to pick up the FixBit Force 3 to 4 weeks from now, for $129.95.

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