San Diego Comic-Con is here — and that means all the toys and collectibles every nerd dreams about. Some of the biggest merchandise coming out of this year's show is based on Zack Snyder's upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice — among which are three impressively detailed statues modeled after the film's title characters.

Each resin statue (via Yahoo News) stands 12 inches tall and will be on display at Comic-Con. They will be available to the public in January for $150.

The first statue is a spitting image of Henry Cavill's Superman, and judging from his facial expression, he doesn't look all that happy. One of his hands is curled up into a fist as well, as his cap flows behind him. 

Ben Affleck's Dark Knight is so special he gets not one, but two statues. The first is Batman in his more traditional costume: grey overall, with a black cowl, cape and yellow utility belt. The bat symbol emblazoned on his chest is a little larger than usual, mimicking the bat symbol seen in the film's logo. He too looks like he is itching for a fight. Put the Batman and Superman statues together and you've likely recreated a standoff from the film, without even knowing it.

But perhaps the most exciting statue of the bunch is that of Batman in his armored, anti-Superman suit — as seen in the film's teaser trailer that debuted at last year's Comic-Con. It's nearly identical to the suit featured in Frank Miller's iconic The Dark Knight Returns, and this statue brings it to life perfectly. The thick armor plating looks like it might withstand more than a few punches from the Man of Steel, though we can only assume Bruce has some kryptonite stashed away somewhere.

All three statues stand atop a base shaped in the image of the Batman v. Superman logo, of the Superman "S" nestled inside the bat symbol. You may be able to pick these statues up in January, but you will have to wait until next March to see DC's clash of the titans on the big screen.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice in theaters March 25, 2016. 

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