Some people are not new to the idea of marine animals, tiny or huge, washing up on shores because of the effects of climate change and the warming weather.

Neither are some people new to the idea of water pollutants that have been dumped into the ocean eventually piling up on beaches.

Beach waves can, for example, drag to the shore dangerous jellyfish or harmless sea slugs or even common household garbage. During this time of the year, however, green slurries of algae make it to shore.

These green slurries are not harmful at all, according to the Natural Resources Wales (NRW).

The group said it has recently been receiving a number of reports regarding the appearance of unidentified green objects along Welsh beaches.

Many have mistaken these green slurries to be sewage. Locals and visitors alike have raised concern over the appearance of these creatures on the beaches of Aberystwyth, West Angle and Pendine.

The objects that have been washed up by the waves smell of seaweed and have a greenish color and an oily surface. These objects are, in fact, just algae.

While the NRW says that this time of the year is normally a season for agae to visit the Welsh shores, they have nevertheless conducted an investigation to make sure the phenomenon is not causing harm.

Not surprisingly, the investigation came out with the same conclusion: they really are just algae.

"We treat each one seriously and whenever possible carry out tests to find out what it is," said NRW Senior Environment Officer Steve Morgans. He agreed that the sight is unpleasant; however, in most cases, the foamy sewage-like build-ups turn out to be common, harmless phytoplankton.

Winds push the rough waves to gather organic matter from the plankton and turn them into foamy substances brought into the shores. Not only are they unharmful, but the phenomenon, according to the NRW, shows signs that Welsh beaches are clean and healthy because of the presence of many of these natural resources.

Algae or phytoplankton are a common food source of planktons. Being at the bottom of the food chain, they pose no harm to other marine creatures and, even less so, to humans.

Still, the NRW welcomes reports of anything showing possible signs of danger and pollution on Welsh beaches.

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