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Study Reveals What Causes Strange Dark Zone In Greenland's Ice Sheet

High-resolution images of a section of Greenland's dark zone revealed what is behind the strange dark patch in the ice sheet. The so-called ablation zone threatens to speed up melting.

Earth/Environment April 14, 2018

Farming Fish: Parrotfish Harvest From Their Favorite Corals

Parrotfish allow their favorite feeding spots to grow before making another harvest. This is not just beneficial to the fish, but to the coral reef as well.

Animals September 16, 2017

WATCH: Stunning Footage Of Australian Coastline Colored Bright Blue By ‘Sea Sparkle’

Amazing snapshots of iridescent algae casting a blue light on the waters near Tasmanian shores took social media by storm this week. Photographer Leanne Marshall captured exquisite images near Rocky Cape National Park.

Earth/Environment March 16, 2017

Rare Phenomenon Spotted In Antarctica: NASA Photos Reveal Uncanny Green Ice

Stunning images of Granite Harbor reveal unusual green ice colored by a rare bloom of microscopic algae. Typically present during the summer, phytoplankton has managed to survive the austral autumn and change the Antarctic scenery.

Earth/Environment March 13, 2017

Algae That Survived Nearly Two Years Outside Space Station Could Be Key To Growing Food On Mars

An algae belonging to the Sphaerocystis species survived 16 months of extreme condition outside of the International Space Station. What makes it a good candidate as a food source for the manned Mars mission?

Space February 13, 2017

Algae For A Healthy World: Researchers Team Up To Produce Food From Microalgae

Researchers from seven different divisions have teamed up to form a group, Algae for a Healthy World. The aim of the group is to develop biotechnological tools for improving production of aquatic biomass and to produce bio-compounds with food applications from microalgae.

Earth/Environment December 28, 2016

How Did Animals Evolve Millions Of Years Ago? They Have High Oxygen Levels To Thank For That

A new study has said that abundant oxygen levels at the oceans facilitated the rise of complex organisms such as algae and other vertebrates. This came after a lull of 3 billion years of anoxic oceans.

Ancient September 26, 2016

New Video Shows How Coral Eject Algae During Bleaching Event

Scientists in Australia have photographed a species of coral eject the algae inhabiting its body following an increase in water temperatures. The time-lapse video shows the organism inflate its body to an immense size just before it expels the algae.

Earth/Environment August 18, 2016

This 'Watermelon Snow' Speeds Up Melting Of Arctic Glaciers: Why You Should Care

Blankets of 'watermelon snow' located in the Arctic have been found to speed up the melting of the region's glaciers. How can this phenomenon affect our planet?

Earth/Environment June 22, 2016

Goodbye, Bubble Wrap? Packages May Soon Arrive Bundled In Marine Algae

An alternative to toxic bubble wrap seems to have been innovatively created from agar, a substance which is derived from seaweeds. This award-winning innovation is making waves for its environmental-friendly quotient.

April 15, 2016

Researchers Turn To Algae As Possible Treatment For Aggressive Cancers

Not many mind what the simple algae can do but it turns out a particular algal community has the potential to treat aggressive cancers. Will the blue-green blob herald the next cancer breakthrough?

Life April 8, 2016

Scientists Identify Enzyme In Common Algae That Initiates Production Of Hydrocarbons That Can Be Turned To Fuel

Researchers have identified an enzyme produced by green microalgae, which can be used to trigger the creation of larger amounts of biofuel from plants. The resulting liquid hydrocarbon offers an ideal alternative to fossil fuel.

Earth/Environment April 8, 2016

World's First Underwater Fluorescence Microscope To Detect Algae Outbreaks

A Canadian company is developing the world's first microscope that can be used to detect signals of fluorescence from potentially damaging algae before the fully-grown blooms appear. The device will undergo additional development and testing before being launched for commercial use.

Earth/Environment March 31, 2016

Algae Water Bottles Offer Greener Alternative To Plastic

A design student created a 100 percent natural, all-edible water bottle made of algae. The design can pave way for new products that will help solve the growing plastic crisis.

Earth/Environment March 27, 2016

Test Detects Toxins From Harmful Algae In Alaska Marine Mammals

A test revealed the presence of toxins from harmful algae in Alaska marine mammals. Researchers say the study signals that warming temperatures have extended its effects in the northern regions.

Earth/Environment February 12, 2016

This Time-Lapse Pen Uses Invisible Ink From Living Algae

A Colorado-based startup accidentally stumbled upon an invisible ink made from living algae that makes drawings disappear and grow again in a few days.

Gadgets November 30, 2015

Your Coral’s So Fat, It Withstands Global Warming

New research shows the fatter the coral, the more it can withstand bleaching events. Scientists have determined fat deposits help coral survive better over the long term.

Earth/Environment November 19, 2015

Genetically Engineered Algae Kill Cancer Cells Without Harming Healthy Cells

Researchers from Germany and Australia genetically modified diatom algae to transport drugs to cancer cells alone, leaving the rest of the body unharmed. Initial findings showed much potential in the development of targeted chemotherapy.

Life November 14, 2015

Deadly Biotoxin Found In Dungeness Crab Prompts Health Warning

The California health department reported finding high domoic acid in crabs from the Oregon border up to Santa Barbara. The toxin was produced by algae blooms off the West Coast, something attributed to warming ocean temperatures.

Life November 4, 2015

Red Tide Along South Padre Island Coast Causing Health Problems For Beachgoers

Health hazards due to red tide are limiting beachgoers from having all-out fun. Along South Padre Island Coast, the algal blooms continue to be a threat thus, authorities have recommended measures to protect the public.

Earth/Environment September 29, 2015

This Algae-Based Healing Gel Can Stop Bleeding In Animals In Less Than 10 Seconds

Suneris, a Brooklyn-based health tech startup, has come up with an algae-based healing gel named Vetigel that might change the way in which doctors respond to blood loss in certain situations - for animals, that is.

September 21, 2015

This Japanese City Is Experimenting With Alagae-Derived Fuel Sources

Alage is incredible useful, from its ability to suck up carbon dioxide to converting sunlight into usable energy.

Energy September 14, 2015

Starry Stonewort Invades 23 Lakes In Wisconsin: What Are They?

Starry stonewort are invading the lakes of Wisconsin and Minnesota as confirmed by the states' Department of Natural Resources. Here are a few important details that must be known regarding the pesky algae.

Earth/Environment August 31, 2015

This Company Wants To Make Yoga Mats From Algae

Bloom has found a way to manufacture flexible foam by combining algae and various other recyclable materials.

Earth/Environment August 26, 2015

Algae May Be Next Big Thing In Clean Energy Production

Scientists are looking forward to growing and harvesting algae that will allow them to extract a natural source of biofuel. Abundant, clean and easy to process, algae can produce energy for transportation equivalent to the energy in biofuel produced by crops that cover a land mass three times the U.S.

Energy August 18, 2015

Toxic Algae Is A Growing Threat To US Waters: Study

Scientists said that toxic algal blooms are poorly monitored and they pose a great threat not only to US waters but also worldwide. Toxic algae bring about cyanobacteria and contaminated drinking waters that may cause serious illnesses among those who catch it.

Life August 15, 2015

USDA Pledges $5 Million To Help Farmers Affected By Lake Erie Algal Blooms

The US Department of Agriculture invested an additional $5 million to help in addressing the water quality issues in Lake Erie. The said pledge was done following U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio plea to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.

Earth/Environment August 15, 2015

Your Future Super Sunscreen Might Come From Fish Slime, Algae And Shrimp Shells

A new study has found that the super sunscreens of the future may be developed using marine creatures for a natural and biocompatible type of sun protection. Fish slime, algae and shrimp shells are just some of the materials being looked at by scientists.

Life August 1, 2015

Bluish Water In Lake Tahoe Caused By Algal Concentration

Contrary to earlier notion that the iconic blue color of Lake Tahoe can be attributed to the waters being so clear, new research reveals the blue color of the lake has something to do with algae.

Animals July 27, 2015

OSU Researchers Unveil Superfood Seaweed That Tastes Just Like Bacon

Experts at the Oregon State University originally planned to grow high-quality abalone by feeding it with a new strain of algae. However, a business professor saw the potential of the patented seaweed as a superfood that surprisingly tastes like bacon.

Life July 15, 2015

Disgusting 'Green Slurry' Seen In Welsh Beaches Harmless, Say Experts

Locals and visitors at Welsh beaches have reported seeing sewage-like creatures ashore, but experts say the foamy green slurries are not harmful at all.

Earth/Environment July 12, 2015

Bloom Of Doom: Predicting Toxic Algal Blooms Before They Happen

Algal bloom can wreak havoc on water. Researchers have come up with a predictive model that can forecast when and where algae will have a dramatic presence.

Earth/Environment June 18, 2015

Invasive Microbe Protects Coral In The Caribbean At A Price

Symbiodinium trenchii, an invasive species of algae from the Indo-Pacific, helps coral withstand heat but it also reduces the rate of calcification through which coral reefs are built.

June 4, 2015

Embryo Turns Itself Inside Out In Stunning New Video

An embryo of algae is seen turning itself inside out in a new video. What can this tell us about our own species?

Animals April 27, 2015

NASA Releases Stunning Photos Of Algal Blooms Taken From Space

They look pretty in pictures but algal blooms can be dangerous. NASA, alongside other agencies, turn to satellite data to help in better managing algae levels in U.S. waters.

Earth/Environment April 9, 2015

New Heat-Tolerant Species Of Algae Discovered In Arabian Gulf

Corals and algae thrive in a symbiotic relationship. With heat-tolerant algae being discovered, corals are likely imparted protection from the heat, allowing them to withstand rising water temperatures.

Earth/Environment March 4, 2015

Major Coral Bleaching Spells Terrible News For Reefs

Scientists fear global warming will spur huge tracts of the world's coral reefs to die off. Bleaching events driven by rising temperatures have decimated reefs in the past and may do so again this year, they say.

Animals February 22, 2015

Scientists Figure Out How To Make Steaks From Plants

Want to eat meat but none of the ill effects? Try plant protein. Scientists may be able to help you with their work on soy, pea and algae coming along nicely.

February 13, 2015

From Algae To Sea Slug: Natural Transfer Of Photosynthesizing Genes

Unlike other multicellular organisms, the emerald sea slug (Elysia chlorotica) has the special ability to photosynthesize. It owes this to the gene that it 'steals' from the algae Vaucheria litorea.

Earth/Environment February 5, 2015

Power-Stealing Sea Slug Eats Algae To Photosynthesize Like A Plant

Sea slug found to perform genetic "heist," taking genes and cell parts from the algae it eats. That lets the sea slug perform photosynthesis like a plant and exist for long periods without food -- as long as it has sunlight.

Animals February 4, 2015

Researchers Figure Out Method to Make Jet Fuel and Biodiesel Using Algae

Before algae can be turned into biodiesel, it has to go through an elaborate process. Researchers have managed to not just produce top-notch biodiesel but also came up with jet fuel, also sourced from algae.

Energy January 30, 2015

Clear Lake contaminated by algae in potentially hazardous bloom

Algae blooming in California's Clear Lake could pose a hazard to pets and wildlife, according to local authorities.

Earth/Environment September 7, 2014

Biggest red tide bloom killing marine life off Florida Gulf Coast

Red tide is threatening the Gulf coast with widespread contamination of algae that could pose health and environmental risks.

Earth/Environment August 10, 2014

Massive red tide bloom may spell doom for Florida coast

Researchers expect that the red tide bloom in Florida, a toxic bloom of algae, will likely wash ashore to beaches in Tampa within the next two weeks.

Earth/Environment August 10, 2014

Toledo water is not potable: Toxins discovered in Lake Erie

A state of Emergency has been declared in areas surrounding Toledo over contaminated water supplies from Lake Erie.

Life August 3, 2014

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