Apple will reportedly unveil a refreshed iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle lineup next week, if a new report turns out to be accurate.

The iPod portable media player was Apple's original hit, registering record sales for the company before the iPhone and iPads came to the scene. The annual iPod unveiling used to create immense hype that would suffice to fuel high sales throughout the year, but enthusiasm died down in recent times.

Nevertheless, Apple is still working on its lineup of portable players and refreshed models of iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle are reportedly set to make their debut sometime around July 14.

The news comes from French website, which has so far proved to be reliable on several occasions. The publication reports that the iPod touch carries the codename N102 and should arrive as the most notable update, shifting to a more powerful A-based processor with 64-bit architecture. The iPod nano and iPod shuffle, meanwhile, sport the codename N31A and N12D, respectively, but may see only new colors as part of this refresh.

The iPod color range has remained the same for several years now, so a refresh on this front would make sense. Previous reports hinted in this direction as well.

Just earlier this month, a MacRumors user spotted intriguing iPods in iTunes 12.2, featured in unreleased colors. The iPod touch, for instance, appeared in a darker blue avatar, while the iPod nano rocked a new gold or beige color and the iPod shuffle sported a brighter pink look.

The displays of the respective iPod touch models showed a Tuesday, 14 date, which falls in line with the French publication's claim that Apple will release its new iPod lineup on Tuesday, July 14.

The new iPod touch, nano and shuffle are expected to launch in six new colors - Silver, Space Gray, Bright Pink, Red, Deep Blue and Light Gold. Other changes part of the upcoming refresh could include storage capacities, but it remains unconfirmed for now.

Nevertheless, if the latest report turns out to be accurate and the unveiling is indeed set for July 14, we'll soon know all there is to know about the new iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle straight from the source.

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