This R2-D2 Drone Is Taking To The Skies At Comic-Con


Every year at Comic-Con, there's so much competing for your attention that you don't know where to look. With your favorite actors, authors and artists all gathered in one place – not to mention so many sneak peeks and buzzworthy moments sure to go down – it can be downright overwhelming.

But if you happen to be at Comic-Con this year and want to see something truly amazing, just look to the skies.

Drone craftsman Otto Dieffenbach has created a drone that looks just like R2-D2 from the Star Wars saga, and he's brought it to Comic-Con this year. Dieffenbach made this announcement in a 45-second clip posted to YouTube Wednesday. In the video, the drone really looks like R2-D2 levitating in the air — even if it does differ from the soaring Artoo we saw in the Star Wars prequel films. It tucked its legs back and had some sweet rocket boosters. Essentially, it's just a quadcopter with an R2-D2 cover.

Creating what he calls "Identifiable Flying Objects" is kind of Dieffenbach's thing — especially those modeled after pop culture icons. He has also made Snoopy's Red Baron, the Doctor Who TARDIS and a snitch-seeking Harry Potter take flight in the real world — all of which you can see in action over at Dieffenbach's YouTube channel. Or, you know, just look up if you're lucky.

Watch Dieffenbach's R2-D2 drone in action in the video below.

[H/T Game Informer]

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