ESPN's veteran Major League Baseball analyst Tim Kurkjian is a wealth of baseball knowledge, well-connected with just about every source on and off the diamond. He's also a glutton for MLB players impersonating him, seemingly any and every chance they get.

The latest in line to offer up his high-pitch, squeakiest Kurkjian impersonation was five-time All-Star and Pittsburgh Pirates center fielder Andrew McCutchen, who delivered the impression before ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball (July 12).

But did McCutchen have the best Kurkjian impersonation of them all? We rounded the bases on the best Kurkjian impersonations by Major Leaguers below and picked a winner. Scroll through.

Andrew McCutchen

Unbelievably spot-on. Not only does the Pittsburgh Pirates' All-Star have Kurkjian's intonation down pat, but the "I talked to Jason Heyward's mom's uncle's cousin and she told me" line is something we can absolutely envision the veteran ESPN MLB analyst saying. This impersonation is pretty damn good.

J.P. Arencibia

While the impersonation isn't as consistent as McCutchen's, hitting peaks and valleys, J.P. Arencibia's take on Kurkjian is definitely worth a few good laughs at the least. 

Tim Dillard

The most ridiculous of the Kurkjian impersonations and commentaries, Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Tim Dillard has too much fun giving his best take on the Worldwide Leader in Sports' baseball expert.

Elliot Johnson

It's thorough, well played and pretty much as good as any Tim Kurkjian impersonation that you'll find on the net by a Major Leaguer. Elliot Johnson might be a utility guy, but this impersonation made him look like a superstar, so much so that it led Kurkjian himself to ask, "Are you practicing this stuff at home?"

Derek Holland

Like McCutchen, Texas Rangers pitcher Derek Holland's Kurkjian's impersonation exhibits the most natural talent. And it might be the funniest of the entire crop out there.

Bottom Line: McCutchen narrowly edges Holland and Johnson out for the best Kurkjian impersonation by a ball player. Cutch's rendition is seamless, capturing Kurkjian's intonation and classic squeakiness better than any of his peers. Good going, McCutchen!

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