Retro games are making a resurgence with gamers who either want to revisit the games of their childhood or relive the old arcade games that paved the way to what gaming has become today.

One of the pioneers in arcade and video games was Atari. However, in 1984, following its role in the so-called "video game crash of 1983" (known as the "Atari Shock" in Japan), Atari Inc. was split.

But the fall of Atari left behind many unpublished, unfinished and canceled games, which had many wondering what exactly was hidden away in its vaults.

One of those games will now be unveiled on July 18 and 19 at the annual Classic Arcade Games Show at California Extreme 2015.

Originally a popular arcade game, Xevious for the Atari 2600 is one of the many titles thought lost and unfinished in the crash of the video game market. The Digital Game Museum will present the game from a cartridge, which holds a version of the game far more complete and playable than anyone had imagined. According to reports, previous prototypes of the game lacked elements such as sound and titles.

So if you want to play this long-lost Atari treasure, head on over to California Extreme, where lucky visitors will have a chance to play Xevious on a classic Atari 2600 console. The full arcade version will also be set up alongside it so gamers can compare the two.

Dave Beaudoin, a board member of the Digital Game Museum, is excited to give the public the ability to play this retro classic gem.

"This version of Xevious is one of the most faithful arcade ports I've ever played on the Atari 2600. The speed and responsiveness combined with the graphics and audio are jaw dropping. It's amazing they were able to get this kind of performance out of the 2600," he said.

Sure, the graphics, sounds and gameplay don't hold a candle to today's game but the Xevious for the Atari 2600 is a rare find and gamers will no doubt be racing to play what could have been an old-time arcade favorite on an Atari.

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