Fans of Merida, Disney's independently-minded ginger-haired arrow-shooting princess, are in for a treat when the character turns up when Once Upon a Time returns to TV later this year for its fifth season.

Today, we saw a sneak peek of actress Amy Manson in the role, in a video meant to tease the character's appearance on the series.

Although Merida's inclusion in Once Upon a Time's season five got a mention at San Diego Comic-Con, this is the first time we've seen what she'll look like on our TV sets.

Manson is most well known for her portrayal of Daisy on the UK version of Being Human.

The new season of Once Upon a Time is already jam-packed full of plots and characters, so we really don't yet know what role Merida serves in the new season, although she'll probably help Emma now that she's become the Dark One.

Emma will need all the help she can get, and this season sees a lot of characters that might answer the call, including characters from the King Arthur legends, such as Arthur, Merlin, Lancelot (who has already put in a small appearance on the series) and Guinevere. Setting-wise, Merida fits into that medieval setting, so perhaps she's a friend of Arthur and company. Once Upon a Time likes turning the tables with its female leads, so she's likely to play a fiery force once she arrives.

Entertainment Weekly reported from Comic-Con that a teaser clip shows Emma going "full-on evil."

"Emma went through a lot in her life," said Jennifer Morrison, the actress who portrays the character. "She had a tough childhood. She's had to overcome a lot of things. She's tried to be the bigger person. Now that she's tethered to the darkness, she's free of that ... She's going to face the darkness in herself and figure out how to overcome it."

However, not all looks bleak in Storybrooke: it seems that Regina finally gets to have her happy ending (well, at least until the show's writers rewrite it) with Robin Hood.

Once Upon a Time is no stranger to throwing Disney characters into their show: last season saw the arrival of Anna and Elsa of Frozen fame.


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