We've seen the first Suicide Squad trailer and it looks great, especially since it shows the Joker at the end. We didn't get to see very much of the squad in action, but it should be clear one or more of the squad members will die in this movie, but who could it be?

There are nine members of the Suicide Squad, and all of them are founding members. We doubt David Ayer is planning to end this movie with a clean slate, where all the members return alive.

If we look at Fury, only a single member of that squad made it out alive. Obviously, Suicide Squad is not Fury, and more than one member of the squad will have to make it back alive and well.

If a few members had to die on whatever dangerous mission Amanda Waller sent them on, the following are the members we believe might never return:


This character is a master of ropes and a skilled assassin. He doesn't have any powers, but he does possess what DC calls unbreakable ropes. The character is not well known, and the fact that his main ability is mastery of ropes gives us the impression he won't even make it to the end fight.

Killer Croc

We all know Killer Croc from the comics and how he and the Batman tend to do battle. This version of the character is more similar to one of his classic designs (not the design of a giant crocodile).

He has a high temper and doesn't follow orders well. We suspect that if Amanda Waller had bombs planted in the heads of the team, then his head would be the first to blow.

El Diablo

This character has the power of pyrokinesis. We see him in the trailer trapped in a metal cage. Water was thrown on him to possibly prevent the character from raining fire down on everyone.

In the comics, he's skilled with firearms, but that doesn't seem to be the case here.

So, will he die? We think so. El Diablo in this form doesn't come off to us as someone who Warner Bros. might want to use for a second film, or in any other movie that takes place in the DC Cinematic Universe.

He's just not that interesting to keep around, so expect him to kick the bucket, possibly in the final fight.

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